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Can you post a pair of shoes in the original shoe box? What if you don’t have the box - what’s the best way to package them for shipping? And most importantly, which is the cheapest way to post a pair of shoes? Whatever you’re reason for posting out shoes, whether they’re a pair you’ve sold on eBay, to a gift you’re sending, here’s our top tips for posting shoes.


The first step to sending a pair of shoes in the post is to prepare them for postage. Most shoes aren’t very fragile, but there can be big differences in how much extra protection you’ll need to provide for different types of shoes. For example, a sturdy pair of running trainers won’t need as much protection as a strappy high-heeled stiletto. We recommend protecting the shoes with bubble wrap – particularly around the heel for high heeled shoes and in any other delicate areas such as buckles and embellishments. To help the shoes maintain their shape, it’s also worth filling the inside of the shoe with tissue paper.


Posting shoes in a strong box is recommended as this reduces the risk of damage and some couriers will only accept parcels which are in a cardboard box. The original shoe box will be ideal as it will be the correct size for the shoes and not have too much space. Not all shoes come with boxes, so if you don’t have a suitable box, ask around at your local shoe shops and supermarkets to see if they have any spare. Even though the shoes will be boxed, it’s still worth wrapping each shoe in bubble wrap for protection and adding some additional padding to the box - ideally you don’t want the shoes to be able to move around inside the box. Use parcel tape to seal the lid of the shoe box closed and then either cover in paper, or for extra protection – place the shoe box into another, larger cardboard box with polystyrene chips to fill any space. It is possible to send a pair of shoes without a box, depending on the size and style - for example, a soft pair of ballet flats may fit into a jiffy bag.


To compare delivery prices for posting shoes, you’ll need to enter the size and weight of your parcel into My Parcel Delivery’s quote form. If you’re unsure of the exact weight or size and will be estimating, have a look at our handy guide to weighing and measuring. Parcel delivery prices for posting shoes start from as low as £3.46 (£2.88 ex VAT) for shoes weighing up to 2kg with Hermes. For heavier shoes, weighing up to 5kg, a recommended service is the DPD Pickup service which starts from just £9.47 (£7.89 ex VAT). Get a quote now to find the best rate for posting your shoes.