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Heavy and cumbersome, people often don’t realise that posting golf clubs is easy. Whether you’re the savvy golfer saving on crazily high excess baggage costs by sending your clubs directly to the course, or you’ve finally managed to persuade your husband to sell his dusty clubs on eBay, sending golf clubs by courier will leave you feeling seriously above par. If you’re sending just one, or a full set, then our simple ‘how to post golf clubs’ guide will mean you can end up acing it, as opposed to being left tee’d off.

The Practice Round, how to prep golf clubs for posting

Think of this as the driving range stage. Prep is everything and that’s definitely true of posting golf clubs. If you’re just sending one club, you should carefully bubble wrap the whole thing, taking extra care around the club head. My Parcel Delivery always recommends cushioning items with at least 5cm of protective wrapping, particularly for valuable or fragile items. And if you’re sending a full set of golf clubs, sending them in your golf bag won’t be enough protection. You’ll still need to bubble wrap each club individually, before putting them back into the bag.

Addressing the Ball, pick the right external packaging for your golf clubs

Most couriers won’t accept items unless they’re boxed up, so you’ll need to find a strong cardboard box to post your clubs, whether they’re being sent in their bag, or individually. If you don’t have the original box the clubs came in, you can try asking around at local golf shops if they have any spares or try your local supermarket. You can also buy specialist boxes just for golf clubs- why not have a look on eBay? Make sure you’re not squeezing the clubs into the box too snug, or that there’s a lot of empty space inside, meaning they will move about. You should use packaging chips to fill up any gaps in the box to minimize the risk of damage. You can learn more about picking the right box size on our packaging guidelines here.

Take the perfect swing, but how much will it cost to post your golf clubs?

Now that you’ve packed up your clubs securely, you’ll need to select the best courier for the job, before you can get your clubs on their merry way. Not all couriers will accept golf clubs due to their size, but using My Parcel Delivery to get a quote will give you all of the best options available. For couriers that do allow you to send a parcel over 120cm in length, prices start from as little as £9.74 (£8.12 ex VAT) with Parcelforce’s drop off service. Or you can get your golf clubs there even faster with Parcelforce’s Next Day service from £10.75 (£8.96). Yet more evidence that excess baggage is for amateurs.