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Books can be one the easiest items to post, with most books being a regular shape and with covers that offer protection for the pages inside. It’s still worth taking extra measures to protect your books throughout the delivery, especially if you’re sending a book as a gift. Here’s our guide to posting books.

Protective wrapping for posting books

The first step to posting books is to add some protection. You may want to wrap your books in tissue paper or other decorative paper, but these won’t really provide much protection so we’d advise you also individually wrap each book in a layer of bubble wrap - a minimum of 5cm is recommended.After your books have been bubble wrapped, it’s also a good idea to put them in a plastic bag or wrap them in some other waterproof material, to protect it from any poor weather conditions.

A box or a bag to post your books in?

Posting your wrapped up book or books in a cardboard box will offer the best protection for your parcel on its journey, especially if you’re posting the book abroad and it’s likely to be processed by more than one sorting center.When it comes to choosing your box, go for a strong cardboard box and don’t pick a box too big or too small – ideally you don’t want the books to be directly touching the sides of the box, or to be able to move around, so fill in any space with polystyrene chips or other insulating material.For very small and light books, you may be able to fit these into a jiffy bag or padded envelope, but we’d still recommend adding your own layers of protection to the book. Some courier services require all items to be packaged in a box, so check this before you book.

How much does it cost to post books?

As a general rule, the heavier the book, the more expensive it’ll be to post. As an example, you can have small lightweight books, weighing up to 1kg, delivered for as little as £3.46 (£2.88 ex VAT) using a Hermes drop-off service.For book parcels weighing up to 10kg, the DPD drop-off service can deliver with prices starting from £9.47 (£7.89 ex VAT).If you’re sending a lot of books, such as study textbooks or sending your favourite books from one address to another, with My Parcel Delivery you can book couriers who will carry parcels weighing up to 30kg.Enter your exact parcel weight and dimensions to get a quote now and find the best rate for posting your books.