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Despite most of us watching TV shows and films on the go on a mobile phone or tablet, the humble TV still holds a special place in most people’s living rooms. And many of us will at one time or another need to send a TV. Whether you’re selling your old one, sending one to your student digs or delighting your nan with an upgrade of her ancient TV, getting your goggle-box in the post box is tricky to say the least. And it’s not just the size that’s problematic. As any self-respecting rock star will tell you, TVs can smash pretty easily. So here we explain how to post a TV, including how to pack it up and which couriers to use, so telly addicts everywhere can get their fix.


If you’ve still got the original box your telly came in, you might think you can just slip it back in with no extra protection and send it on its way with a courier. Well think again! These boxes won’t provide enough protection for your TV when it’s in transit with a courier and being handled at multiple depots. Remember, your telly came from the manufacturer to the shop where you bought it shrink wrapped and secured on a palette. This box won’t cut it when you’re couriering it. If your TV has a separate stand, base brackets or attachments, make sure you remove these first and then pack them up separately.


Protecting your TV so you can safely send it is really important. To start, we recommend cutting a piece of cardboard to match the screen size and putting it in place on the screen, for added screen protection. Then you should wrap layers of bubble wrap around the set, covering the whole TV, including all the sides, in at least a 5cm layer (about 10 sheets of bubble wrap). Next and you’ll need a box for your TV as most couriers will not accept items that aren’t in a box. If you have the original box and polystyrene casing, then put your bubble wrapped TV in this. Alternatively ask at your local supermarket if they have any spare boxes, and maybe even at your local bike shop. When choosing the right size box for sending a TV, you should also make sure the TV is not touching the sides of the box and that there’s enough packaging material to fill any gaps in the box, so it can’t move around.


Once your TV is securely packaged into a cardboard box, it’s time to get your tape measure and scales out. You will need to enter the parcel dimensions and weight into our online quote form to get parcel delivery prices for posting a TV.UPS and Parcelforce are two courier to consider for posting a guitar. The UPS next day delivery service lets you post parcels up to 170cm in length and weighing up to 15kg, starting from £11.24 (£9.37 ex VAT).Most parcel delivery services offer some free compensation cover, but it’s worth considering additional compensation cover when posting a guitar. Be aware that the maximum compensation value for sending a guitar by courier is £100.