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Amazon launched in the US in 1994 as an online bookseller and has grown to become one of the world’s largest online marketplaces. Last year the global company had a net revenue of almost $90 billion and continues to expand rapidly.The company has branched out into many different fields, and is constantly striving to innovate in terms of delivery, as well as technology. Amazon has hit the headlines with its plans to experiment with delivery drones and is constantly looking at new ways for customers to get their goods more quickly and conveniently.

What can I sell on Amazon?

Almost anything! The marketplace is a go-to point for anyone looking for books, DVDs, homeware, garden products and fashion.Be aware that there are some prohibited items including alcohol, mobile phones, adult toys, newspaper or magazine subscriptions and prescription medication. You should read Amazon’s full list of prohibited items to ensure you don’t accidentally list any banned items.

Should I get a basic or pro account?

Obviously, this depends how much you will be selling in your Amazon shop. If you plan on selling more than 33 items on Amazon per month straight away, then the pro account will definitely save you money. The Amazon pro seller account costs £25 per month, plus VAT. However, if you’re not too sure about whether selling on Amazon will work for your business, then you can try it out with a basic account, which charges 75p, plus VAT, for each item sold. Have a look at Amazon’s useful comparison table of the two accounts, for more information.

Make sure you understand the rules

As a third-party seller, it will be your responsibility to ensure you read the rules properly and stick to them! Amazon trades off its reputation and motto ‘it’s all about the customer’, so requires its marketplace sellers to have the same standards. There are strict rules about responding to customer enquiries within 24 hours, for example. Falling foul of the rules can see your products bumped down to the bottom of the listings. You should read the full participation agreement before you begin selling.