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MPD offer a discounted, fast and reliable pallet service to Lithuania. Based in the UK, we work with trusted, reputable international companies to offer the best worldwide networks to our customers.

Pallets are a great delivery option for many large and small businesses. Normally used for heavy items, large items or a collection of goods that need to be shipped together, pallet delivery has become increasingly more popular as it is a highly efficient and cost-effective delivery method.

Whatever your delivery requirements may be, MPD can provide a pallet delivery service for the size and weight you need.

Lithuania Pallet Delivery

If you need low-cost pallet delivery to Lithuania that is fast and reliable, MPD can help. We can offer you great rates for pallet delivery to Lithuania, whether to business or residential addresses in Vilnius, Kaunas or Klaipėdauote is one of the three Baltic states in Northern Europe, along with Estonia and Latvia. Featuring a well-developed modern infrastructure of railways, airports and roads, international trade has flourished in recent years since the adoption of the Euro, meaning there is also an increased demand for pallet delivery services.

The largest industries in Lithuania are oil refinement, which makes up around 36% of exports, and fertilizer manufacturing. As a result, chemical and industrial substances are often shipped with pallet delivery services due to the speed and efficiency of transit.

MPD is committed to eliminating all the effort associated with dealing with carriers, customs, paperwork, etc. That being said, we will still have to work with you to meet certain requirements. The most basic documents that are required to handle customs clearance of your cargo can include a Commercial Invoice / Pro Forma Invoice, a Packing List and a Certificate of Origin.

You should also confirm the goods on your pallet are safe and permitted to send. Aside from the sort of goods that are illegal to post under any circumstances, such as illegal narcotics, weapons or live animals, there are some other restricted items that you may not send in your pallet delivery to Lithuania.

We advise that you review which items are allowed - for specific information on items we recommend getting in touch with the Lithuanian Ministry of Finance.

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Pallet Delivery Tracking

We offer a comprehensive tracking system so you can check on the delivery status of your consignment as it’s being delivered. If you have any further questions about your order or our pallet service to Lithuania, please contact us directly by clicking here.