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Pallet Delivery Destinations

Getting goods prepared for pick up

With our bespoke calculator, you get exact pricing no matter the size of your delivery or the distance it needs to travel. We can provide best-in-market quotes for deliveries within the UK, as well as pricing for pallet deliveries in Europe and beyond! Wherever you are, we have the partners to get your goods where they need to be.

What’s more, when you book before 11:00 AM GMT you can enjoy same-day pallet collection and delivery, guaranteeing speed and reliability on all consignments. We use state-of-the-art technology that allows you to track your pallet delivery from point A to point B – and beyond!

No matter where your pallet delivery is, or how long it has to reach its destination, you’ll have complete transparency throughout the delivery process. So if you're sending goods, this will allow you to set expectations and inform recipients of progress, and if you’re receiving goods, you’ll know just how long you have until your pallet delivery arrives.

We also provide insurance of up to £10,000 on all goods transported with our partners, giving you further peace of mind as they travel. If, in the unlikely scenario, your goods are damaged during transit, we’ll work closely with you to ensure you’re not left out of pocket, helping to protect your business and financial commitments with us.

Our premium courier service is ideal for large and small businesses, offering only the highest quality delivery solutions at the cheapest prices. We pride ourselves on exemplary levels of customer care and service, guaranteeing that you get the support you need when making a pallet delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pallet Size Information

There are five different standard sizes for pallets: Full, Light, Half, Quarter and Mini.

All of them have the same base size, which is 1m wide by 1.2m deep:

Pallet base size 

Full Pallets

The following three restrictions all apply for size, weight and height:

1. Goods must not be bigger than the 1.2m x 1m base

2. Goods must not weigh more than 1000kg

3. Goods must not sit higher than 2.2m including the pallet base

NOTE: Assisted loading is not available for goods in excess of 750kg.


Light Pallets

The following three restrictions all apply for size, weight and height:

1. Goods must not be bigger than the 1.2m x 1m base

2. Goods must not weigh more than 750kg

3. Goods must not sit higher than 2m including the pallet base


Half Pallets

The following three restrictions all apply for size, weight and height:

1. Goods must not be bigger than the 1.2m x 1m base

2. Goods must not weigh more than 500kg

3. Goods must not sit higher than 1.0m including the pallet base


Quarter Pallets

The following three restrictions all apply for size, weight and height:

1. Goods must not be bigger than the 1.2m x 1m base

2. Goods must not weigh more than 250kg

3. Goods must not sit higher than 0.6m including the pallet base



Mini Pallets

The following three restrictions all apply for size, weight and height:

1. Goods must not be bigger than the 1.2m x 1m base

2. Goods must not weigh more than 150kg

3. Goods must not sit higher than 0.6m including the pallet base


Irregular sized pallets

If you have a non-standard size pallet for UK or international delivery, we can still deliver this for you as hassle-free and efficiently as possible. Speak with a member of our pallet delivery team to discuss your specific requirements, and we’ll make it happen.

What is pallet wrapping?

What is pallet wrapping? – click to expand


Your item must be on a pallet and wrapped before the driver arrives. Pallet wrapping (like cling film) secures your goods to the pallet ready for transportation. Please note that wrapping provides little to no protection for your goods, and they must already be well packaged in line with our guidelines before they go on the pallet. Wrapping simply ensures everything stays together and is contained securely.

Using the right wrap for the job

Wrap for pallet deliveries is often called a range of different things, however, there is a difference between pallet wrap and the other wrapping films that are available on the market. Proper pallet wrap will stretch and pull back in, ensuring all goods are tightly secured for transportation, whereas other wraps will not have this.

When it comes to choosing the right wrap for the job, you want the tightest possible result to make sure nothing shifts in transit. If you’re purchasing wrap specifically for a pallet delivery, it’s always a good idea to choose a high-end supplier with a range of wraps, so you can find the best wrapping solution for your needs.


If you are shipping an engine and the pallet is shrink wrapped, there must be a hole in the shrink wrap, so that the courier can access the dipstick to check the engine for oil.

Will Brexit impact pallet deliveries?

As of January 2021, the UK is no longer a member of the European Union, which means that moving pallets between the two zones has changed. This means that you will have to accurately declare additional information on all palletised goods moving between Britain and the EU, ensuring it’s all compliant with new customs regulations, and keep records of goods for up to 6 years!

Without compliance with these terms, you may not be able to send or receive pallets post-Brexit. Alternatively, you could face fines from customs authorities.

In order to move pallets and goods between the UK and EU you will need several key pieces of information:

  • A registered EORI number – The Economic Operators Registration and Identification number will allow you to move goods more easily between the UK and EU, and can be obtained here.
  • Commodity codes – Understanding your commodity codes will enable you to fill out proper VAT and classification of goods being imported or exported. Find out more here.
  • Export licenses for any goods that require one – Check out the entire process here.

There are numerous regulations that pallet forwarders will need to adhere to in the coming months which could impact pallet deliveries. In essence, trade between the EU and UK should remain frictionless, so if you’re looking to send goods to and from the continent, you can be assured that all considerations are being made with our partners. However, if you have any questions or concerns about pallet deliveries in a post-Brexit environment, be sure to speak to our support team.

Can I send pallets during COVID-19?

During the coronavirus pandemic, pallet deliveries have been considered an essential service, so you are able to send and receive pallets, even during national lockdowns. It’s important that you follow government guidelines when receiving pallets, such as washing hands regularly and keeping distance from delivery personnel. All of our courier partners are adhering to strict COVID-19 guidelines and will be able to offer advice and guidance throughout the delivery process. 

We strongly recommend that if you are receiving goods during the pandemic that you follow all PPE guidelines where possible – including wearing a mask and gloves when handling new goods.

For more information on COVID-19 and pallet delivery, don’t hesitate to check out our latest advice and help online.

Pallet FAQ

Stack, Strap and Wrap: How to pack the perfect pallet

Here is a step-by-step guide for packing a pallet that should answer most FAQ's when sending a pallet. If you still need more information please contact us today.

Packing your pallet correctly is not just about ensuring protection and stability, it’s about getting the most for your money. We like to make sending and delivering your pallets as easy as possible, so read on to find out how to pack the perfect pallet.

First things first…

Before you start to pack your pallet, you need to ensure that your pallet itself meets requirements. Don’t worry though, we don’t ask for much. Standard UK and European pallets can carry a maximum weight of 1,000 kg and have a maximum height of 220cm.

You also need to make sure that your pallets are elevated at least 15cm off the ground, so they can be handled by a forklift. Most pallets are made of wood; however, some can be made from plastic, metal or fireboard. We ask that you avoid less reliable materials such as polystyrene and chipboard to avoid breakage. So, remember:

  • Maximum weight 1,000 kg.
  • Maximum height 220cm.
  • Pallet elevated minimum 15cm from ground.
  • Avoid weak pallet materials such as polystyrene and chipboard.

Standard shape and boxed items

Pack and Stack

The best way to pack a pallet with standard sized items or box-shaped items? Stack!

Stacking in columns ensures optimum use of space as well as strength and stability. Ensure that surfaces are flat and simply stack your boxes on top of each other in a secure fashion.

Aim for your pallet to have the overall look of a cube, avoid stacking in a way that resembles a pyramid or any other shape. If your pallet is only partially full, find cushioning or padding material to fill the gaps.

If your pallet doesn’t stack properly, it will affect the overall stacking of the pallets as they embark on their journey. This could lead to breakages or damage. It’s also important to avoid your goods hanging over the edge of the pallet.

If you have a particularly large item you can book extra space to accommodate this. Physically, only one pallet can be lifted for transportation, but you can book space on the lorry for the width of two pallets.

What counts as overhang?

Overhang is overhang, whether it is 1cm or 10cm - if your item is not fully contained within the pallet base then it does not fit. Pallet lorries load pallets side by side in rows. If your goods overhang your pallet it means another pallet cannot be slotted in next to it and you will be charged for this extra space or your pallet refused altogether.

If your item overhangs one pallet, you can book space for two pallets to accommodate this. However, pallets are lifted by a forklift, which only has two prongs. This means only one physical pallet can be lifted at a time. The maximum extra space allowance is two pallet widths (2m) and the goods must still sit within the 1.2m depth:

Stack in columns, minimal gaps.

  • Fill gaps with padding or packaging materials.
  • Ensure flat surfaces.
  • Avoid overhang.
  • Aim for a rigid unit.

Strap and Wrap

Now that you’ve stacked your pallet correctly, you need to ensure that your goods stay in place. The best way to do this is to strap them using banding either made from steel, nylon or polyester. You can find a banding that best suits your needs, for example if you have a very heavy load then steel would be most appropriate as it is the strongest material. It’s also a good idea to use protector pads for the top and bottom of your pallet to avoid items being crushed when stacked.

Corner and edge boards can also be used for stabilisation, however its best to make a judgement yourself on what level of protection your pallet requires. Heavy rigid items require less protection, whereas soft squashable items will need a little extra thought and care.

Shrink wrapping is also important. You should use thin, stretchy plastic and wrap around your goods in an upwards motion, including the pallet. You should use a minimum of three layers of plastic. So, remember:

  • Strap using a banding made of a material appropriate to your goods.
  • Protector pads for the top or bottom and corner and edge boards depending on what you are transporting.
  • Wrap using thin plastic, minimum three layers. Incorporate the pallet when you wrap.

Labels on the Side – Don’t Hide

Make sure your routing labels are on the side of the pallet load, not the top! We also encourage you to use labels that identify how to handle your freight such as: ‘This Way Up’ and ‘Handle with Care’.

Most items can be transported by pallets either in crates or just through being stacked.

However if you have a specialised item, we’ve gathered our top tips below for packing drums, pipes and reels.  


If you have a singular drum, it must be secured as close to the centre of the pallet as possible. If you have a group of drums, they must be arranged in as even a way as possible. You should place a corrugated sheet between the drum and pallet to prevent causing damage or punctures.


Pipes must be bundled together horizontally and tightly secured using strapping to the pallet. You should use materials such as protector pads between each layer as well as corner or edge boards.

Spools and Reels

Spools and reels should be attached to the pallet using steel strapping. You must also use blocking or padding to prevent movement of the spools and reels.


If your item overhangs the pallet and you haven't booked extra space, either your pallet will not be collected at all, resulting in a failed collection charge, or your pallet will be collected and you will be asked to pay a surcharge. Either way, you will need to pay extra for your shipment.

Pallet collections and deliveries are usually made by large 18.5 tonne lorries. This means that access at both the collection and delivery points needs to be suitable for large vehicles. We can request that vehicles have both a tail-lift and pallet truck (pump truck) to help at locations where there is no forklift available.

If you have access issues to either premises, there is the option to request a 7.5 tonne lorry.  

If you still need more information please contact us today.

This content was provided by our trusted partner P4D Pallet Delivery.

How do I send a pallet?

Pallets are used for heavy items, large items or a collection of goods that are being shipped together. They support the weight of the item(s) you are sending then slotted in to an appropriate shipping vehicle to get your goods to their destination securely. A forklift is used to lift the pallets.

In order to book a pallet delivery you must supply your own pallet and wrapping, and make sure the pallet is stable for transportation as the whole pallet will tilt when lifted. You must be familiar with all the pallet shipping requirements we document in these pallet shipping FAQs, so that you can make an informed acceptance of our Terms and Conditions before confirming your booking.

You can get an instant quote online for UK and some European pallet deliveries and book it now. International shipments, bulk orders, and business rates are quoted by our Sales team who will scout around for your best price, by air or sea: Get a quote now.

If your goods are too large for the pallet shipping size, height or weight restrictions, you can consider our two-man delivery service instead where your goods will be lifted by two people.


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