Guide to Measuring Parcel Size & Weight

When your parcel arrives at the sorting depot, it will be re-measured and re-weighed to confirm the size and weight is as stated in your booking.

If you aren’t sure what your parcel dimensions are, and don’t have the tools to check, don't just make a blind guess. Try using the comparisons below to make a best estimate - we recommend you do this after packaging your parcel.

But remember, if any surcharges are applied due to under estimation, you'll be liable for the charge (up to £50) so be generous with your estimations - it is better to be safe than sorry!

Parcelboy weighing and measuring

Sizes & Weights

Our sizes and weights are estimates only to try to help with your order, so you can compare the weight of your parcel with something from home.  
If your item feels heavier than the average, please make sure you reflect this in your booking.

Size Estimates

A4 paper

21cm x 30cm

DVD case

19cm x 13.5cm x 1cm

Shoe box

13cm x 30cm x 18cm

Pillow case

50cm x 75cm

Dining room chair

95cm x 55cm x 45cm

360L Wheelie bin

110cm x 85cm x 65cm

Weight Estimates

Tin of beans


Bag of sugar


Inkjet printer




Single Divan bed


Single mattress


The items above are for comparison only, some may be prohibited or restricted to send. Please check that your items are safe to send here.

The Golden Rule

if in doubt be generous

We always recommend to weigh and measure your parcel using the right tools when it's packed and ready to go. If you don't have any handy, you could try using this printable tape measure.