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£11.99 +VAT
  • A printer is required
  • Next day delivery available with MPD International Express
  • Max parcel length and weight – varies by courier

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Why Choose MPD International

Our MPD International service is a little bit different. Instead of limiting your international delivery to only one courier we mix and match different ones to offer you a truly specialised service. We've teamed up some of the most reliable couriers to offer you the most cost effective and efficient delivery possible. Your parcel could be collected by Hermes, and delivered by UPS or DHL. There are 8 possible combinations so whether you want your parcel to fly high through the skies or go a little slower by road simply get a quote and choose an MPD International consolidated service.

The jewel in the crown...

By bringing together the specialties of each courier we can give you more choice and even better value international delivery services.

Fast International Service

You can have your parcel delivered internationally the very next day following collection, subject to the selected destination.

Track Parcels

Come back anytime for instant and accurate tracking so that you can see where your parcel is whether travelling by plane, train or automobile!

Mix And Match

Enjoy an abundance of choice with 3 European and 5 worldwide services – that's 8 extra services to choose from. The world truly is your oyster!

Drop Off Service

You can even choose the drop-off service when you have a jam-packed day and can't wait at home for your parcel to be collected.

Don't just take our word for it

Here at My Parcel Delivery we are proud of our reputation for delivering great service to our customers and we work hard every day to help your deliveries go without a hitch. But don't just take our word for it – we let our stats, likes, and reviews speak for us!


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Dimensions Check

Do you have scales and a tape measure? If not, try reading our guide to weighing & measuring for tips on how to estimate your parcel dimensions. To make sure that you have no problems we go with the motto "if in doubt be generous!"

Provide A Landline Number

When sending your parcel outside the UK please add a landline phone number for the recipient. Without this the courier will be unable contact them if issues occur that could delay your delivery.

Carefully Input Details

As the MPD International service mixes and matches different courier services, the maximum parcel length and weight will vary. Please measure your parcel carefully and input the details into the quote form before selecting the service you want to ensure that it is allowed to be sent.

Sending Outside the EU?

Parcels being delivered outside the EU (plus to the Canary Islands) require a pro-forma invoice. Please attach five copies in an envelope to the outside of your parcel so that customs agents don't need to open and then reseal - it makes for a speedy delivery.

Frequently asked questions

What are the steps for collection?

First of all get your parcel wrapped and ready for when the courier arrives. Remember, this is a consolidated service so it’s a good idea to check the courier details when you book to find out which company will be knocking at your door! Then all you need to do is print the label, attach it to the parcel and wait for the courier to arrive for collection. If you're using a drop off service, make sure you check your local drop-off point here. Don’t forget…if you need a pro-forma invoice you should print five copies and attach them to the outside of your parcel in an envelope. You only need this if you are sending a parcel outside of the EU (or to the Canary Islands) and we'll provide it to you automatically if it's needed.

What time will the courier arrive for a collection?

Collection times will vary by the courier used for the collection but to be safe we suggest that you arrange it for a day when there is somebody available at the address from 8am to 8pm. The time window may be extended when the couriers are exceptionally busy - delivering the nation's Christmas shopping sends the couriers straight into overtime!

Can I leave the item outside for the courier to pick up if I am not at home?

Safety first! We want to keep your parcel (and you!) safe and as such no courier will collect your parcel from outside your home – it is much better to be certain that your parcel has been safely placed into the right person's hands before winging its way to its new home.

What happens if my item is too big or heavy?

Prohibited items, such as batteries, fireworks and musical instruments (without cases) are not permitted to be sent by any courier you book with through us at My Parcel Delivery. Other items can be sent but are restricted and not eligible for compensation cover (items include clocks, coffee machines and furniture, unless flat packed)

Take a look at our list of prohibited & restricted items. If you aren’t sure whether your item falls into these categories simply contact us and our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help.

When will my item be delivered?

We are unable to advise of a specific delivery date and time as this varies by country and courier. Some items go through strict customs checks which can add a few extra days onto the delivery time. Whilst this is the case we will do our utmost to keep you updated via online tracking to make sure you are in the loop.

What happens if nobody is home when the courier arrives to deliver the item?

If no one is home when the courier comes knocking they will either leave a calling card with details of how to get the parcel or, if a neighbour is home, they may leave the parcel with them and will state this on the calling card.

It is a good idea to leave a local telephone number for the recipient on your booking so that the courier can call them if needed. The local courier will not call a UK number so please don’t leave your own number!

What should I do if my parcel isn't collected?

No matter the courier selected for your consolidated service, the majority of parcels are collected from your address on the very first attempt. Unfortunately, every so often, collections fail and we're sorry if this happens to you. None of the couriers can offer guaranteed collection dates, but they can guarantee that they'll do everything possible to knock on your door on the estimated date. Whether your courier ran out of time, or the courier arrived but the parcel was not available, contact us to reschedule your collection. If you're in a hurry, some services can be transformed into a drop-off. If this is easier for you, please contact us and our customer service team can help.

What do I do if my parcel fails to be delivered?

Our courier partners enjoy a massive 95% success rate with their deliveries but there are lots of factors that could affect your delivery time-scale. While most go without a hitch, occasionally things can go wrong and none of the couriers are able to guarantee their delivery dates. Anything from heavy traffic and road closures to missed flights, customs delays and international holidays can affect the courier's ability to deliver on time. If this happens to you, we're truly sorry for the inconvenience. Keep an eye on tracking to stay up to date and contact us if you need any help. Remember, customs charges can be applied to international orders and we can't affect this, charges must be paid directly to the customs office before your parcel is delivered.