Hermes Parcel Delivery

Guide to Hermes Delivery Service

Hermes courier services launched in the 1970s to bridge a gap between the standard postal service and traditionally expensive couriers to offer a cheaper alternative. As time has passed, Hermes have developed a “lifestyle courier” market where they utilise non-professional couriers who use their own personal vehicles to get your parcels delivered in the cheapest way possible. Hermes UK which is based in Leeds, Yorkshire later launched myHermes in May 2009 and since then their customers have used this expanded delivery service offering Hermes drop-off points to help send millions of parcels.

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What parcel delivery services do Hermes offer to you?

The Hermes couriers offer you a fantastic range of parcel delivery services with a starting price of only £3.46 (£2.88 ex VAT) making them one of the cheapest couriers around. Despite being one of the cheaper parcel delivery services, they still offer competitive delivery times; Hermes can have your parcel delivered in 2-5 working days depending on the service you choose.

There is plenty of choice for sending a parcel with Hermes. You can choose to have a Hermes courier collect your parcel from your door or you can use one of the many Hermes drop off points, or ParcelShops as they’re officially called, if the sender can’t wait home to have their parcels collected.

Whether your parcel is 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, or 15kg, Hermes can offer a service to get your parcel delivered with ease, and what’s more, if you choose the Hermes ParcelShop (drop-off) service and drop it off before 11.30am, you can have your parcel delivered even faster, often within 2 working days. 

Why Choose Hermes

Hermes parcel delivery services offer a fantastically affordable service to senders. Whether you’re returning some unsuitable internet shopping, or want to use the Hermes collection service to get a gift delivered, the low Hermes parcel prices make it an ideal choice. And if you’re a business looking to keep your costs low and margins high, there are extra savings to be made by taking your parcels to Hermes drop-off points. It’s clear to see that Hermes (and myHermes) offer a fantastically affordable delivery option.