How to post toys and games

Toys and games are the type of item which make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations, and as children grow out of them, providing they’re in a good enough condition, then you can sell or donate them so other can enjoy them too.

If you need to post out a toy, whether it’s brand new and boxed, or a preloved toy which is going to a new home, we’ve put together this little guide for how to post toys and games.

how to post toys

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Posting boxed toys and games

If you’re posting a brand new or unopened toy or game, then the box and packaging you received it in should be suitable for you to send it on. Any loose parts will usually be secured so that the toy won’t move around when being transported. If the toy has any fragile or open parts, then you can secure these in bubble wrap to extra protection.

Posting used, open or unboxed games and toys

Not all toys come packaged in a box, and if you’re sending a pre-owned toy or game, then the box may not be as strong as it once was. For any toys and games like this, we recommend you use bubble wrap to protect the toy and place it in a sturdy box to send it in.

If the toy can be taken apart, we recommend doing this and wrapping up all the individual pieces in bubble wrap.

If you’re sending a board game, jigsaw or other game which has a removable lid or lots of pieces, be sure to seal up the lid securely, because the last thing you want it any of the parts being lost.

If the toy box is branded or has a picture of the item on the front of it, it’s also a good idea to cover up the branding on the box to disguise what’s in the package, just to be on the safe side.

How much does it cost to post a toy or game?

The price of postage for a toy or game will depend on the size of your parcel and how heavy it is. For small toys and games which weigh 1kg or less, the cheapest parcel prices start from just £3.46 (£2.88 ex VAT) using a Hermes drop-off service. View some of our other cheapest parcel delivery services.

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