How to post plants

There’s many reasons why you might want to send a plant in the post or via courier. Maybe you’re sending a plant as a wedding gift, as a present for someone who’s just moved to a new home, you could be sending a cutting of your favourite plant to a relative so they can grow their own. However, there a few things you need to be aware of when preparing and packaging your plant before it’s ready for posting. Find out more by reading our handy ‘how to post plants’ guide below. 

how to post plants

Get delivery quotes for posting a plant

To get prices for posting a plant, enter your parcel size and weight into our quote form to compare delivery prices from different couriers.

Preparing your plant for posting

You can post plants to anywhere in the UK, but be aware that they on the restricted items list, meaning you can post them but most couriers won’t cover you for compensation. 

The first thing to do before packaging your plant is to make sure it has been watered so that it won’t dry out during delivery. Depending on the plant type, we’d recommend that you water it roughly four to six hours before packaging it up to for collection by courier or dropping it off to make sure the plant is properly hydrated. 

If you’re sending a plant that isn’t in a pot, here’s our advice for preparing it to send with a substitute for soil. Once your plant has been watered and you’ve allowed the roots to absorb some of the moisture, you need to remove the plant and the roots from the soil – be careful though as you need to make sure the roots don’t get damaged as you’re doing this. Shake the plant lightly to remove as much of the soil as you can. 

As an alternative for soil on your plant’s journey, we suggest you wrap the roots in moist paper towels, or you can also substitute this with damp newspaper if you have any spare lying around. Once you’ve wrapped the roots in the paper, place the plant in several layers of cling film or a plastic bag, but keep the top half and leaves exposed. 

Pick the right packaging for posting a plant

When you’re sending a plant via courier, you’ll need to use a strong box that will protect your plant as it goes on its journey through depots and sorting facilities. Use a box that is only a little bit bigger than your wrapped plant so that it doesn’t move around too much on its travels. To fill any gaps, you should also use scrunched up newspaper or packaging chips for extra cushioning inside the box. 

Once your plant is secure inside, tape the box shut carefully with packaging tape and label it as appropriate.

How much does it cost to post a plant?

We’d strongly recommend you use a next day delivery service when posting a plant, because you’ll want it to arrive as soon as possible.

Once your plant is secure inside, tape the box shut carefully with packaging tape and label it as appropriate.

To find out how much next day delivery will cost for your plant, you’ll need to measure and weigh the package and enter the results into the My Parcel Delivery quote form. If you’re posting a plant with the soil, it could be more expensive due to weighing more – so best to bear that in mind. Next day delivery services start from £8.10 (£6.75 exc VAT).

You should also keep in mind the day of the week that you post it out, if your parcel is collected on a Friday for example, it be waiting around in a depot over the weekend, which means it could risk drying out.. If you parcel needs to be delivered on a Saturday, with My Parcel Delivery you can book a Parcelforce ‘collect on Friday - deliver on Saturday’ service.

If you’re still in need of some advice on the best option for posting plants, our customer service team are on hand to help, get in touch now.