How to post clothes

Clothes are one of the easiest things to package up and send by courier, whether you’re sending a clothing gift to loved one, returning clothes you bought online, sending an item of clothing you’ve sold on ebay, or even posting your own clothes because you don’t have the space to take them with you in person, here’s our handy guide on how to post clothes.

how to post clothes

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Sending clothes by courier - fold them up first

The first step to posting clothes is to fold the item or items up neatly. Ideally you’ll want the clothes to be as folded as flat as possible and in a shape that you’ll easily be able to pop into a bag or a box.

Use tissue paper to help reduce creases in the clothes and you should also secure any loose or sharp parts of the clothes, such as detachable belts, zips, large buttons or embellishments.

Bags or boxes for your clothes parcel?

Clothes come in all shapes and sizes and this means you have a choice between sending your clothes in a bag or a box.

If you’re sending a single item of clothing or a bundle of small items like baby clothes, then you should be able to fit these into a bag. A jiffy bag will offer protection for the clothes and you can easily buy these in different sizes to suit your needs. If you decide to use your own plastic or polythene bags, make sure the bag is strong and don’t overfill. An overfilled bag could burst or break and leave the clothes exposed to the elements.

For larger or heavier clothing bundles, you can pack them up into a box for posting. Don’t underestimate how heavy the clothes will be altogether and make sure you use a box strong enough to take the weight. If you’re re-using a box, check it’s still in good condition and have a look on the outside for any labels on the maximum weight the box can take.

For any boxes items, we usually recommend using bubble wrap for protection, with clothes bubble wrap isn’t always necessary, but we do advise you wrap your clothes in with a waterproof layer of protection, such as plastic bags. This will give your clothes extra protection against the elements and in particular rainy UK weather!

How much does it cost to post clothes?

To find out the cost of posting clothes, you’ll need to enter the size and dimensions of your clothing parcel or box into My Parcel Delivery’s quote form.

If you’re unsure of the exact weight or size and will be estimating, have a look at our handy guide to weighing and measuring.

Parcel delivery prices for posting clothes start from as low as £2.79+VAT for clothes weighing up to 2kg with Hermes. For parcels up to 5kg you can book a delivery where the courier will collect your parcel from just £5.79+VAT with Hermes.

UPS can post clothing parcels up to 30kg in weight from £10.03+VAT, be aware though that UPS courier services require all packages to be in a cardboard box.

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