How to post CDs, DVDs and Video Games

It might seem like everyone’s listening to music, streaming films and playing games exclusively online these days but there are still lots of people who use CDs, DVDs and prefer a hard copy of their video games. Whether you’ve sold off your old CD collection on eBay, are sending a friend a DVD of their favourite film, or posting the latest video game as a gift, we’ve put together a guide to help you send these items by courier.

how to post a cds, dvds and video games

Get delivery quotes for sending CDs, DVDs or Video Game

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Preparing CDs, DVDs and Video Games for postage

It’s always best to send individual CDs, DVDs and games in their original cases, because this offers the best protection and holds the discs or game cartridges in place. But what if you don’t have the original case? For discs, you can buy some empty plastic cases or alternatively you can simply use a few layers of bubble wrap around the disc for protection, then pop it in a jiffy envelope with a piece of cardboard to keep the envelope straight. For games cartridges without their original covers, you can buy cartridge protector cases, but as they’re less flimsy than CDs, just bubble wrap and a padded envelope are recommended by online game sellers. 

Also, remember to check that the discs and games are inside their boxes…we’ve all been there!

How to package CDs, DVDs and Video Games for posting

If you’re sending individual DVDs, CDs or video games, you can save money on your postage costs by using a padded envelope (you can add extra bubble wrap for more padding), however if you’re sending more than a few it’s important to get a box. Some couriers only accept parcels which are in a box, and it’s something we’d advise, especially if your items are being shipped abroad. Your parcel could go through more than one sorting centre/depot so you’ll want to make sure they’re securely packaged.

In terms of wrapping inside the box, it depends what type of items you’re sending. For DVDs, CDs and modern game cases, bubble wrapping them all together tightly will be enough to stop them rattling during transit. Being liberal with the wrap and sellotape is the way to go! However, for any retro cartridge cases, or CD covers which are made from cardboard, they’ll be more protected if they’re bubble wrapped individually. 

For most items, we recommend that the bubble wrapped items aren’t touching the sides of the box, however as CDs, DVDs and games cartridges are pretty strong it’s OK for your items to be touching the sides and lid of the box as long as they’re not spilling out or stopping the box from closing.

If the box you’re using for your items is larger than your CD or DVD collection, leaving a lot of space inside, even after you’ve placed your wrapped items in, you’ll need to fill the gaps to help stop your CDs, DVDs and games sliding around. You can use crumpled up newspaper if you have any spare, or polystyrene chips/packaging peanuts, either of which will help to keep your items in place and protected.

How much does it cost to post a CD, DVD or Video Game?

Once you have your package ready, it’s time to bring out the tape measure and scales because you’re going to need them to find out the cost of posting CDs, games or DVDs! Head on over to My Parcel Delivery and enter your parcel dimensions to use our parcel delivery price comparison and see which courier service offers the cheapest way to send a DVD, CD or game. If you’re unsure of the exact weight or size and will be estimating, have a look at our handy guide to weighing and measuring. Our cheapest delivery services start from £2.79 + VAT with Hermes Drop Off, and you can get next day delivery from just £6.75 + VAT with UPS

If you’re still in need of some advice on the best option for posting CDs, DVDs and Video Games, our customer service team are on hand to help, so get in touch today.