How to post a pram or pushchair

Prams, pushchairs, strollers and buggies are a necessary items when you have a baby or a small child, but that day will come when your little ones are happier to walk, run, cycle, roller-skate or scooter around instead of sitting in their pram.

Many people sell their used prams on eBay or other selling websites, and you’ll be pleased to hear that posting a pram to your buyer, or sending it to a friend or relative doesn’t have to be a chore. Here’s our advice for how to send a pram in the post.

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Posting Prames or Pushchairs

Get delivery quotes for sending prams or pushchairs

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fold up the pram and separate parts out

1Preparing a pram for posting

The first step to posting your pram is to fold it down and remove any detachable items like rain covers and don’t forget your little one’s favourite pram toy!

Once folded down, wrap the pram up in bubble wrap - we recommend at least 5cm of padding.

2Box up your pram for posting

Once bubble wrapped, your pram needs to be boxed up for sending by courier. If you have the original box for the pram stored away somewhere, that’s usually a perfect choice of box. However if that box isn’t available, and you don’t have another box big enough, we suggest asking around at your local shops and supermarkets to see if they have any spare empty boxes you could use.

If you can get a box from a store before it’s been flattened, that’s ideal, because with most courier services you won’t be offered compensation cover unless the item is posted in a box

package up your pram parts
measure item and get quotes

3How much does it cost to post a pram?

When your pram is boxed up with plenty of bubble wrap inside for protection, you can find out how much it will cost to send by courier. Measure the box dimensions and weight, then simply enter these into the My Parcel Delivery quote form and you’ll be able to choose a courier service to suit you. As prams can be larger than most parcels, even when folded down and boxed up, we recommend the Parcelforce Large courier service.

It’s best to be exact with the weight and dimensions of your boxed up pram, but if you have no choice but to estimate, have a look on the pram manufacturer’s website to see if you can find the weight and folded up dimensions of your make and model. Then don’t forget to include the additional weight and size for the box and wrapping. If in doubt, it’s better to estimate a larger size, because if your parcel is bigger or heavier than the service you’ve booked, you could face extra charges and delays on your pram being delivered.