How to post laptops

Unsure about how to send a laptop in the post? We’ve put together a guide to packaging up your laptop for safe sending. So whether it’s a gift, a laptop you’ve sold on eBay, a laptop you’re sending off for repair or a laptop you’re sending to your study or work location, follow these tips now!

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Posting laptops

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remove cables and parts then close laptop

1Protective materials for posting a laptop

To post a laptop, the first step is to remove the power cable and other detachable items, such as an additional keyboard, mouse or even a USB memory drive.

Ensure the laptop is securely in the closed position and wrap it up in a protective layer of bubble wrap, we recommend a minimum of 5cm.

You should also separately wrap up any laptop cables in bubble wrap.

2Picking the right box to post your laptop in

It's worth getting a new cardboard box to post your laptop in, as this will provide better protection than a used box. If you have the original box the laptop came in, this is ideal, however we’d advise covering the outside of the box first, so you’re not advertising the parcel contents.

Place your laptop and cables inside the box, ideally with the cables placed at the side of the laptop, rather than on top. Ideally you don’t want the laptop and cables to be moving around in the box, or directly touching the sides of the box, so use some additional filling material like polystyrene blocks or polystyrene chips to prevent movement.

Seal up the box using parcel tape and you’re ready to send.

packaging up your laptop and accessories
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3How much does it cost to post a laptop?

The size and weight of the your packed up parcel will determine the cost of posting a laptop. Our cheapest parcel delivery services start from just £3.46 (£2.88 ex VAT) with Hermes, for lightweight parcels weighing under 1kg.

However for sending electrical items like laptops, it’s worth booking a delivery service that has added extras included like DPD’s drop off services which requires a signature by the recipient and offers enhanced tracking, even giving you a one-hour time slot for when you can expect the parcel to be delivered.

It’s also worth taking out additional compensation cover when posting a laptop, this costs a little extra but it gives you extra peace of mind should your parcel get lost or damaged. The maximum compensation value for sending a laptop by courier is £200.

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