How to post guitars

Guitars and other musical instruments have fragile elements which can make them seem difficult to post out. Many guitar sellers on eBay shy away from posting them out, meaning they can only attract local buyers. That doesn’t have to be the case though, whether the guitar you’re sending is something you’ve sold, a gift, or a personal item you’re transporting from one address to another, here’s our guide to posting guitars by courier.

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Posting guitars

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preparing your guitar

1Preparing your guitar for posting

The first step to preparing your guitar for posting, is to de-tune or slack the guitar strings. If your guitar strings are left taut, then they could potentially snap or break whilst being shipped and this could lead to damage or scratches to the guitar’s finish.

Add a layer of protection, such as bubble wrap or padded foam to any other fragile parts of the guitar like the tuning keys and frets.

2Choosing the right outer packaging for your guitar

My Parcel Delivery require all guitars and other musical instruments to be sent in a hard case, and with many couriers only accepting parcels in cardboard boxes, it’s recommended that you put the guitar case itself in a cardboard box for even more protection on its journey.

When you’ve placed the guitar in its hard case, use polystyrene chips or foam padding to fill any gaps and spaces in the case. Make sure that you don’t overfill though and that the case can still close securely.

Next you’ll need a strong cardboard box for your guitar case. If you can’t find a box large enough, consider asking at your local supermarket if they have any unwanted boxes. The size of the box is important too, as you don’t want the guitar and case to be able to move around in the box. Bubble wrap the outside of the guitar case and fill in any gaps between the case and the box with polystyrene chips.

choose the right packaging for your guitar
measure item and get quotes

3How much does it cost to post a guitar?

Once your guitar and hard case are securely packaged into a cardboard box, it’s time to get your tape measure and scales out. You will need to enter the parcel dimensions and weight into our online quote form to get parcel delivery prices for posting a guitar.

UPS and Parcelforce are two courier to consider for posting a guitar. The UPS next day delivery service lets you post parcels up to 170cm in length and weighing up to 15kg, starting from £11.24 (£9.37 ex VAT).

Most parcel delivery services offer some free compensation cover, but it’s worth considering additional compensation cover when posting a guitar. Be aware that the maximum compensation value for sending a guitar by courier is £100.