How to post a bike

Sending a bike by post? Whether you’re sending it as a gift, shipping your own bike from one place to another, sending it back to an online store, or even posting a bike you’ve sold to someone.

See our tips and advice on posting a bike

Posting a bike

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dismantled bike parts

1Sending a bike by courier - take it apart first

You will need to dismantle some parts of the bike and give them extra protection on their way to the receiver.

  • Remove wheels and pedals from the bike frame and wrap separately in bubble wrap.
  • Place a sheet of thick cardboard between the wheels and wrap these in bubble wrap.

2Bubble wrap and a box for your bike

Recommend using bubble wrap to protect the bike. Bubble wrap offers an extra layer of protection for items being delivered by courier and so make sure the whole bike is wrapped in bubble wrap – a minimum of 5cm in recommended.

Once your bike frame and all the separate parts have been bubble wrapped, it’s time to box up your bike. If you have the original box the bike came in, this is deal, but if this isn’t available then you’ll need to find another large, strong, cardboard box. Ask around at your local bike shops to see if they have any spare boxes.

Once inside the box, use polystyrene blocks to prevent the bike frame and other parts from moving around.

bubblewrap your bike
measure item and get quotes

3How much does it cost to post a bike?

To find out how much it will costs to post your bike, first you will need to get out your measuring tape and scales to get the exact weight and size of your boxed up bike.

When you have this information, simply enter the details into the My Parcel Delivery quote form and you’ll get a list of courier delivery costs for posting your bike.

Be as accurate as you can when entering your parcel dimensions and weight, as if the parcel is larger than stated, you could be charged additional fees, and we wouldn’t want that.