Parcel Delivery with Insurance

Sending off your worldly goods across the world, or even just down the road, can feel scary; we’ve all heard horror stories of shattered presents, parcels going missing or even things being washed up on beaches. 

We have the greatest faith in all our couriers, but sometimes accidents do happen. 

So for your peace of mind, it’s always a good plan to protect your parcel with a little extra parcel cover so you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be left out-of-pocket should the worst happen. 

This isn’t your standard insurance policy; we offer transparent compensation cover to give you unrivalled parcel protection. 

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You’ll be pleased to hear that most of our courier services come with compensation cover included as standard, providing the item isn’t on the restricted and prohibited list and that it’s packaged according to the packaging guidelines.

The free compensation cover is great for sending low value items and depending on which courier you choose, free cover can range from £10 to £30. If your parcel is worth more than this, whether it’s a gift or something you’ve sold on eBay, then spending a little bit extra to top up your compensation cover will make all the difference to protect your treasured things. 

Adding Compensation Cover to protect your parcels with My Parcel Delivery is quick, simple and excellent value. When you book a delivery, we’ll ask you for the value of your parcel, and give you the option to add extra parcel protection. 

With compensation cover prices ranging from just £3 for up to £50 cover, and £50 to protect parcels worth £1000, your delivery can be as stress-free as possible. 

Be aware that there are some items that you can’t take out compensation cover for, and others that can only be covered up to a certain amount. Check out the full list of restricted and prohibited items to see if your parcel can be covered. 

And if you do need to make a claim, here’s what to do.