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We understand that book and magazine publishers, most importantly, want to share original content they are passionate about. Regardless of whether you print and issue a niche magazine or only sell rare books, the material is that of genuine interest to you. You’ve invested in publishing great content and you’re ready to get it in front of your customers. That’s why, when it comes to distribution, you want a courier to get your printed goods to their final destination without any hassle.

At My Parcel Delivery, we’ve helped our customers successfully distribute thousands of books and magazines. Although these items are typically uniform in shape and size (i.e. relatively straightforward to post), high volumes can get heavy, so it’s important to pick the right service. Plus, in our experience, it’s important to consider poor weather conditions. Packaging properly with waterproof materials where possible is our number one tip for these types of items. If you’re not sure where to start; don’t worry. Our team of experts are on hand 364 days a year via phone, email and live chat to help answer any questions.

Over 12,000 businesses have shipped a parcel with us, and we’ve received over 9,000 5-star reviews on TrustPilot. If you send 5 parcels a week, you may qualify for a business account, which will entitle you to our preferred customer service and exclusive discounts.


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