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Sending parcels abroad made simple

Some people think that sending a parcel overseas can be a tricky business. The truth is with My Parcel Delivery it couldn't be less so, because we take care of everything for you, making your international parcel delivery as simple as possible.


Global Priority

Up to 1KG

As one of the most experienced couriers to choose from, Parcelforce deliver to the USA as a priority

from £23.03


Global Priority

Up to 10KG

For a slightly heavier parcel to the USA, you can still save a packet with Parcelforce

from £51.39

The icing on the cake...

International parcel delivery has never been easier! From Birmingham to Bahrain, and Hong Kong to Haiti, you can have your parcel delivered in no time at all.

Cheap International Couriers

By using our service we can save you a bundle on your international delivery, we help send millions of parcels every year and you save a packet in the process.

Send To Over 200 Countries

Through My Parcel Delivery you can send to over 200 countries worldwide for as little as £16.99+vat – at this price the world really is your oyster.

Easy To Do Invoice

We'll provide you with a really easy pro-forma invoice to print off and complete. This will cover the customs requirements for International parcel delivery.

By Land Or Sky

Depending on the urgency of your delivery you can choose between a range of services that are available, whether you want your parcel to fly high (and fast) through the skies or go a little slower by road.

Anywhere Collection

You can choose to have your parcel collected from home or work, or use our drop-off service, whatever is simpler for you.

So, if you have a birthday present for Cousin Maud in Malaysia or a care package for an offspring who is off travelling, what are you waiting for?

Get an international parcel delivery quote from My Parcel Delivery today.

A better alternative to Royal Mail

We've negotiated fantastic discounts on your behalf with our trusted and reliable international courier partners making us up to 63% cheaper than Royal Mail when sending your parcel abroad.

Don't just take our word for it

Here at My Parcel Delivery, we never rest on our laurels when delivering your parcels internationally, and we're proud of our reputation for delivering great service to our customers. But don't just take our word for it – let our reviews, likes and stats speak for themselves! We have parcels sent across the world every single day.


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Provide A Landline Number

For international delivery services, always write a local telephone number for the recipient on the outside of the box as it makes it extra easy for customs to get answers to any queries.

Track Your Parcels

If your parcel is taking a little longer than expected, then check the online tracking here – it may be that customs need a little more information from you.

No Need To Re-Package

Put five copies of the pro-forma paperwork in an envelope on the outside of the package so customs don't need to unpack and repackage your parcel, risking the contents getting damaged or lost. You only need a pro-forma invoice if you are sending outside of the EU (plus to the Canary Islands) - we'll provide you with the form if needed.

Take Care With Foreign Words

Make sure you spell out the address precisely, taking care with any foreign letters that you may not be familiar with including accents (á) or umlauts (ö). Any wrongly addressed parcels are sent back to you, leaving you liable for any additional charges and no one wants that!

Allow Plenty of Time

We do our best with the couriers to have your parcel arrive bang on time but unfortunately we are unable to control customs officers and their processes for receiving international parcel deliveries. That said, by following our hints and tips you can minimise any delays.

Frequently asked questions

How soon can I have my parcel collected?

Once you have placed your order, your parcel can be collected within 24 hours – usually the following day. If you are unable to wait at home for your parcel to be collected then don't leave it outside where anyone could see it! Book a drop-off service instead, if you can drop it off in the morning it might even get there a bit quicker.

My parcel is bigger/heavier than allowed, can I still send it?

Unfortunately none of our carriers allow parcels to be sent internationally that are above 250cm and 30kg – we're sorry about that!

What are prohibited and restricted items?

Prohibited items, such as passports, currency and payment cards are not permitted to be sent by any courier you book with through My Parcel delivery. Other items are able to be sent but are restricted and therefore aren't eligible for compensation cover. These restricted items include desktop computers, lamps and liquids.

You can find a full list of prohibited & restricted items here but if you are still unsure whether the contents of your parcel fall into these categories then just contact us. Our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help.

What should I do if my parcel isn't collected?

The vast majority of parcels are collected by the courier on the very first attempt. That said, every so often, collections fail for one reason or another and we're really sorry about that. The couriers aren't able to offer a guaranteed collection date but they do everything possible to knock on your door on the estimated date. Whether your courier ran out of time, or the courier arrived but the parcel was not available, contact us to reschedule your collection.

Will I have to pay customs charges?

We all understand that the UK government adds tax to items sold within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. What we sometimes forget is that other countries can also add taxes or charges when you send import a parcel into their country (if it's not in the EU).

These charges can be applied whether your importing second hand or brand new contents, even if you have already paid tax within the country originally purchased. We can’t give you any information as to whether you’ll be charged, or how much the charge could be, we’re sorry about that.  If you want to find out more, it's best to contact the customs office of the country where you are sending the parcel.

To find out more more about sending a parcel internationally, take a look at our FAQ "How do I send a parcel outside the EU?"

What do I do if my parcel fails to be delivered?

Our courier partners enjoy a massive 95% success rate with international deliveries. That said, although most go without a hitch, occasionally things can go wrong and none of the couriers are able to guarantee their delivery dates. Anything from heavy traffic and road closures to accidents and bad weather can affect the courier's route and their ability to deliver on time. If this happens to you we're truly sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll email you to keep you up to date but you can contact us if you need help to reschedule your service for a different day.