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  • Max parcel length and weight – 120cm & 25kg
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Cheap parcel delivery made simple

Do you have a low value item to send or one that can take its time to be delivered? If you aren’t in a hurry, we offer cheap courier services to book right here at My Parcel Delivery. These economy services offer the lowest price for your parcel delivery, whether you’re looking for it to be collected direct from your door, or to drop it off at a local drop-off point.

The icing on the cake...

Perhaps you’re a business whose customer has asked for the cheapest parcel delivery service possible? Or maybe you’re looking for the cheapest way to return some unwanted shopping? We know that sometimes price is more important than the timescale so we have some cheap courier services to choose.

Label Or Printer-Less

Choose between both label required (Hermes and CollectPlus) and printer-less services (DX) so that no matter the equipment, you can find the cheapest service for you.

Cheap Two Day Delivery Available

With some of our cheap and economy parcel delivery services you can have your parcel delivered within 2 days following collection – a fantastic service for a fantastic price!

Optional signature

Stay relaxed and at ease by tracking your parcel online. We can even offer a guaranteed signature of delivery with some economy services for a small extra charge.

Need It Even Faster?

Is economy delivery not fast enough? Why not check out our next day delivery options. We have some great budget options for these services too.

Track Parcels

Online tracking and updates are available so you know where your parcel is up to on its journey.

So, whether you’re sending something small or large,

Get a quote for your economy service from My Parcel Delivery today.

Don't just take our word for it

At My Parcel Delivery, we’ve worked hard for our reputation of delivering a great service to all of our customers, even for our cheapest parcel delivery service. You don’t have to just take our word for it – let our reviews, likes and stats speak for themselves!


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Check Dimensions

If you choose a drop-off service, you will usually be dropping off at a local shop and they are very strict with maximum sizes. Ensure that you package your items correctly before booking your delivery to check it won’t be rejected – we wouldn’t want that!

Cheap Drop Off Service

If you are unable to wait at home for your parcel to be collected then choose one of the drop-off services available from HermesCollectPlus or UPS and drop your parcel off at a time and place to suit you. You never know, it might even get there a bit quicker!

Have a printer handy

Some of our cheap parcel delivery services need you to print your own labels, so access to a printer will be needed. Before you book, make sure your printer is working and topped up with ink. If you don’t have access to a printer then you can still choose DX to stand and deliver.

Clearly Mark Your Labels

Whether you choose a label required or printer-less service we always recommend that you clearly write your name, collection address, delivery address and MPD booking reference number on the outside of your parcel so that no matter what happens to the label, your parcel can find its way home!

Frequently asked questions

How soon can I have my parcel collected?

Once you have placed your order, your parcel can be collected as quickly as the very next working day. But if you can’t wait at home, you can choose a drop-off service where all you need to do is simply take your parcel with you as you head out for the day and drop it off at one of the drop-off points. 

My parcel is bigger/heavier than allowed, can I still send it?

Of course! If your parcel is longer than 249cm or heavier than 30kg you have a few options to choose from however this will change your parcel price.

  1. Repackage your items into two or more parcels that fit.
  2. Choose same day delivery with CitySprint and you could send enough to fill a van depending on the option you book. What’s more you could have your parcel collected within 60 minutes in most cases – however this is a much higher cost than with economy services
  3. Head over to our friends at where you can have your items deliver from only £19.99 across the UK.

What are prohibited and restricted items?

Prohibited items, such as animal furs, aerosol sprays and fireworks are not permitted to be sent by any courier you book with My Parcel Delivery. Other items are restricted which means they can be sent but aren’t eligible for compensation. These restricted items include marble, fishing rods and health supplements.

Find a full list of prohibited & restricted items here but if you are unsure whether the contents of your parcel fall into either of these categories then you can contact us. Our friendly customer service team are happy to help.

What should I do if my parcel isn't collected?

We're pleased to advise that the vast majority of parcels are collected on the very first attempt by the courier. That said, every so often collections fail for one reason or another and we're really sorry about this. Couriers aren't able to offer guaranteed collection dates but they will do everything possible to knock on your door on the estimated date given. Whether your courier ran out of time, or the courier arrived but the parcel was not available, contact us to reschedule your collection.

What do I do if my parcel fails to be delivered?

Our courier partners enjoy a massive 95% success rate for delivering within the estimated time-frame. While most go without a hitch, occasionally things can go wrong and none of the couriers are able to guarantee their delivery dates. A variety of issues, ranging from heavy traffic and road closures to accidents and bad weather, can affect the courier's route and their ability to deliver their parcels on time. If this happens to you we're sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll email you to keep you up to date, but you can contact us if you need help to reschedule your service for a different day. As economy services only provide an estimated delivery date range, please ensure that the last date has passed before contacting us about a delivery that failed to arrive.