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Vast open spaces, majestic mountains, fertile farmlands, dramatic Black Sea coastlines, baroque and Renaissance-rich architecture characterise this beautiful and yet relatively unknown country. Ukraine is one of Europe’s last hidden gems and the mysterious country’s allure extends beyond its physical attributes, as it is the country’s rich traditions, filling cuisine and warm-hearted people that make it truly captivating.  The bilateral relation between the UK and Ukraine is also surprisingly positive and close. Full diplomatic relations were first established in 1992. Since the political uprisings and Pro-Russian unrest in 2014, the UK has remained strong supporters of Ukraine by condemning Russian’s actions and advocating for Ukraine’s inclusion in the EU and NATO. The UK is also the fifth largest investor in Ukraine. As of 2014, the UK ranked as Ukraine’s 11th largest trade partner, with primary exports including fats and oils, metals and grains. With strong economic, political and cultural ties between the two, there have been long-established and well-maintained maintained courier services to Ukraine. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Ukraine

As the largest country completely located in Europe, Ukraine also has one of the largest populations of all European countries. While the actual number of residents is ever fluctuating, the country still has a well-developed postal system and, as a result, cheap parcel delivery to Ukraine. Bordered by Russia to the east and west, Belarus to the northwest, Hungary, Moldova and Romania to the southwest and Romania and Hungary to the west, it is ideally situated for exploring other cultures – whether for travel or business.

Trains dominate the country’s transportation system. There is a high percentage of paved highways, over a thousand navigable rivers waterways and more than 180 paved airports. Ukraine’s postal code system utilises a five-digit code. Each district with at least 500 people, receives a postcode. Those with a smaller population adopt the postcode of the nearest large settlement. The first two digits range from 01 to 99. The capital city of Kiev has postcodes that begin with 01 to 06. The city of Sevastopol is a special one with national-level governance and thus begins in 99.

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As Ukraine rebuilds, its economy will improve. And, as the long-held relationship between the Ukraine and the UK continues to strengthen, more opportunities for businesses, travel and trade will arise. A current high demand for cheap and reliable parcel courier to Ukraine, has created a market for competitive prices. For as low as £23.49 including VAT, the MPD International Drop-off service will deliver a parcel to Ukraine within three to five days. UPS is another globally trusted company and can offer collection services and delivery guaranteed within two days for £39.73 including VAT. [Prices correct as of 13/08/2015]