Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Tunisia

The North African country of Tunisia is bordered by Algeria, Libya and the Mediterranean Sea and is competitive economically throughout the world. Recent prudent planning and direction has led to moderate but continued growth throughout recent years. One of the wealthiest countries on the continent it exports more that $17 billion worth of products a year, importing even more, and this means that you can find competitive courier costs to Tunisia from the UK. Less than 5 hours from the UK, Tunisia in recent years has also been well known for tourism. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Tunisia

Covering 63,170 square miles, there are around 11 million people who live in Tunisia and some of the biggest cities include the capital of Tunis, Sfax, Sousse, Midoun, Kalrouan, Bizerte and Gabès. Delivery services in Tunisia are quick thanks to the growth of the tourist system to cater for the sizable tourist trade. Railways, motorways and big airports service the entire country and this helps to keep costs down for a cheap courier to Tunisia. Postcodes follow a four-digit system, and if you were sending a parcel to Sousse, for example, you’d use 40 as the first two digits followed by another two to represent the area – eg 4035. 

Compare parcel delivery services to Tunisia

Cheap parcel delivery to Tunisia is easy when you run a quote with My Parcel Delivery. One of the best options available is a delivery service from UPS with the International Express Saver. The starting price for this service is £50.15 including VAT, offering £15 inclusive cover and a fully tracked service with notification emails as well as SMS alerts. [Prices correct as of 13/08/2015]. With this service you must package your item in a cardboard box and you get a delivery time of 3-5 days. The maximum sizes for this UPS service is up to 270cm in length, 30kg in weight and 419cm in girth. Enter your parcel details in our quote form to get a parcel delivery cost for your package.