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The twin-island republic embodies everything about the Caribbean with its white sand beaches, sparkling turquoise waters, lush rainforests, pristine mangrove swamps, alluring culture and, of course, its famed Carnival. Tobago, while smaller, is seemingly unspoilt with its abundance of natural beauty and wildlife. Trinidad is the more populated and industrialised of the two. Together, they comprise the economic powerhouse of the Caribbean. Trinidad and Tobago is the third richest country by GDP per capita in the Americas. Its economy is primarily dependent on tourism and oil and natural gas. Nearly 434,000 tourists visited the islands in 2013 and the country is continuing to see an increase in tourists and business travellers as well as competitive courier costs to Trinidad and Tobago. In 1962, the country gained its independence and, today, the UK serves as a key diplomatic and trade partner. There are also over 50 British companies located in Trinidad and Tobago and plenty of opportunities for more to invest.  

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Although its geographic location technically makes it part of South America, Trinidad and Tobago is considered to be part of the Caribbean. The nearest countries include Venezuela, Grenada and the Lesser Antilles. As the sixth largest exporter of liquid natural gas, Trinidad and Tobago relies heavily on trade and has maintained strong relations with other countries, including the UK. As a result, it has a well-maintained transportation system, which has also led to efficient and cheap delivery services in Trinidad and Tobago. The country’s major international airport is in Trinidad and is a 9 hour flight from London. There is also an extensive network of roads and highways that provide access to remote regions. The country has a newly developed postal code system that consists of six digits. The first two represent one of the 72 postal districts across the two islands, the second numbers indicate a postal route and the last two identify the delivery building. 

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Trinidad and Tobago is one of the most prosperous nations in the Americas. Its vast reserve of oil and gas has contributed to the country’s wealth and strong international ties. As the country continues to improve upon its tourism, infrastructure and education sectors, foreign relations will strengthen, as too will the need for foreign investment and cheap parcel delivery to Trinidad and Tobago. My Parcel Delivery offers some of the lowest parcel delivery prices to Trinidad and Tobago.  The MPD International Export service includes parcel collection from a UK address of your choice and delivery to Trinidad and Tobago in two days for just £36.82 including VAT. A cheaper delivery option is the MPD International Drop-off service will deliver within 3-5 days. [Prices correct as of 20/08/2015]