Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Taiwan

Although not as big as its neighbouring countries, Taiwan is one of the most developed nations in Asia. With a thriving economy, stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and modern touches, it is continually ranked as one of the best travel destinations. This, coupled with the strong relations between the UK and Taiwan, has encouraged more UK nationals to visit the country and that had led the way to cheap courier costs to Taiwan. There has also been an effort to promote educational and cultural exchange programs between Briton and Taiwanese students, which has helped drive up the demand for a parcel courier services to Taiwan.

Trade between the two countries is important, with the UK serving as the 14th largest market for Taiwanese exports and receiving a large portion of the country’s technology. Likewise, there are nearly 300 UK companies located in the country. The exchange of goods and services between the two nations promotes the use of trusted and cost-effective parcel delivery services in Taiwan.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Taiwan

Although it is approximately the same size as Belgium, Taiwan’s large population of nearly 23.4 million makes it feel much larger. With well-developed and maintained infrastructure systems, travel to and around Taiwan is easy and fast. Often, parcels are delivered by air, however, the country also has a sophisticated railway system. The country is also a great springboard for traveling or expanding business ventures into China.

Taiwan’s postal codes consist of five digits. The first three digits reference the third-level administrative divisions such as districts and counties and this address information is required when sending parcels. The last two digits of the postcode, indicate the detailed divisions and are not necessary to include if you send a parcel to Taiwan, but the more information you can provide, the better. The first code for Taipei is 1, while Tainan is 7.

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Britain has always had an economic and political tie to Taiwan, so there’s been a need for trusted parcel delivery services and cheap postage to Taiwan for years. Parcelforce and UPS are both offer trusted courier services to Taiwan and you should also consider MPD’s International delivery services. Prices start from just £28.30+VAT (all prices correct at 06/08/2015) with options to have your parcel collected from your home or work or if you prefer, you can use a drop-off service at your convenience.