Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Swaziland

The absolute monarchy of Swaziland is one of the last places in the world to be run by a king or queen that rules by decree. A diminutive, landlocked country, it is bordered by Mozambique and South Africa and the majority of its population live a traditional life in the countryside. Sitting some 8,000 miles from London, it was once a British protectorate and the UK works with the country in an attempt to support democracy, human rights and business relationships. The economy is small but diversified and main industries include coal mining, sugar, textiles and wood pulp. They do the majority of trade with South Africa but the EU accounts for around 10% of all exports and this has led to more people needing a cheap courier to Swaziland. On top of commercial areas, tourism also continues to rise in popularity as visitors enjoy the wild activities, lively culture, wildlife and varied geography of the area.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Swaziland

Lobamba is the royal capital of the country but the majority of parcel delivery to Swaziland goes to the largest city and administrative capital of Mbabane. Other destinations in the kingdom are Manzini, Big Bend, Malkerns, Mhlume, Hluti and Siteki. Delivery services in Swaziland use a postcode with 4 characters. The first is a letter, which is then followed by 3 digits and in Mbabane, for example, you would use H100 to send an item. Car ownership is low in this poor country and the population usually uses public transport. A growing road network means that the country is well connected but the Sikhuphe International Airport is the only developed air entry to the country. 

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Courier costs to Swaziland are similar to prices throughout Africa. The cheapest service comes in the form of MPD International Drop-Off, where for £29.63 including VAT, you get a 3-5 day delivery with a drop at your local Hermes Parcelshop. For a speedier delivery to Swaziland, using a collection service, you can pay £36.82 including VAT for the MPD International Export where UPS will pick up your item for a 2-day service to Swaziland. Both options come with a fully tracked service and £15 inclusive cover. [Prices correct as of 20/08/2015]