Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Sri Lanka

Vast stretches of picturesque coastline, verdant rainforests, ancient ruins, flavorful foods, a rich culture and friendly people are just some of the charm of the small island nation of Sri Lanka. Whether it’s for a holiday getaway or a bit of business, the beautiful and alluring country has had long-standing ties with UK nationals, and as a result, has developed and strong and cheap parcel delivery service to Sri Lanka. With traveling to the area and establishing businesses, more and more fast, reliable and cheap parcel delivery services to Sri Lanka are required.

Whether you send a parcel to Sri Lanka for business or to a loved one, trade has always played an important part of the UK-Sri Lanka relationship. Formal trade between the two officially began when Sri Lanka was a British colony. Trade has remained consistent over the years with large amounts of fabrics, teas, jewels and produce being imported to the UK. Meanwhile, the UK exports a variety of machinery, paper goods, pharmaceutical products and plastics by delivery services to Sri Lanka.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a well-developed transport system. Rail and road networks provide access to both cities and more remote areas including the capital of Colombo. The drastic increase of road traffic over the years has created rougher driving conditions for foreigners, but an expert parcel delivery courier to Sri Lanka can easily navigate the worn-down streets. The country is also serviced by 32 airlines, which makes air delivery convenient and keeps courier costs to Sri Lanka low.

Post codes in Sri Lanka follow a five-digit system. The legislative capital city of Sri Jayawardenpura Kotte has a postcode of 10100. Colombo, the district to which it belongs and the country’s commercial capital, begins with “01” through “15.”

Compare parcel delivery services to Sri Lanka

The growing interest in Sri Lanka has paved the way for more developed and reliable methods of transport and the need for cheap courier services to Sri Lanka. With many companies like UPS and MPD International to choose from, you can compare the price, service and delivery time frame. As for the cheapest courier to Sri Lanka, you get the best deals with MPD International. The MPD’s International Drop-off service can deliver a parcel for £29.63. At about £45, UPS Express Save service can have your parcel delivered to Sri Lanka in around two working days. (Prices correct as at 12/08/2015)