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In 2015, Singapore celebrates 50 years since gaining its independence from the UK. Within such a short time frame, the tiny nation has proven itself as a dynamic and powerful nation with huge a potential for growth. The country has already become a major global shipping and transportation hub, in addition to a 21st century financial district and favorite tourist destination. While the country is no longer under UK rule, the ties between the two nations remain as prominent as ever. With the UK looking to expand to Asia and Singapore looking for increased economic growth and stability, the two form the perfect pair and create a greater demand for parcel delivery services to Singapore. Within the country, there’s still a strong UK presence, which makes cheap and reliable parcel delivery to Singapore a necessity.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Singapore

As a gateway to other parts of Southeast Asia, Singapore provides opportunities to explore business expansion and travel into nearby countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei. You can travel overland from Malaysia or enjoy the extensive links by plane at Singapore Changi Airport which is one of the largest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia. Infact Singapore Changi Airport is the home base for Singapore Airlines, Singapore Airlines Cargo, SilkAir, Scoot, Tigerair and Jetstar Asia Airways.

Singapore’s post codes consist of six digits. They begin with the sector code, which are the first two numbers and end with the delivery point, the last four numbers. When you send a parcel to Singapore, be sure to write the address properly to ensure that your parcel will arrive on time and you don’t incur any additional courier costs to Singapore.

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With deep-rooted ties to the UK, parcel couriers to and from Singapore are well-established. There are plenty of delivery services to Singapore and we can help you find the cheapest courier to Singapore with the fastest delivery times. Among the most reliable couriers are MPD International and UPS. Through MPD’s International Drop-off service, a parcel sent to Singapore can be sent for as little as £34.26 for delivery within 3-5 days.