Postage to Germany - Send a Parcel

  • A drop-off service is available
  • Choose from some of the UK's most reliable couriers
  • A printer is required for some services
  • Services available from £14.56 (£12.13 ex VAT)

Compare parcel delivery to Germany prices



Sending a parcel to Germany made simple

Parcel delivery to Germany is easy! Not only is it the lowest priced international delivery location but it’s also one of the fastest with next day delivery available to business account holders. To book your delivery just pop your details into the quote form, compare the services and chose the one that’s right for you, then finish your booking. You can book your delivery in a matter of minutes.

With international airports in Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf (to name only three!), plus the Autobahn highway system, it’s clear to see how we can help you get your parcel delivered to Germany quick smart. 

The icing on the cake...

You can have your parcel collected within a few hours and sent directly across the water. Germany can be as close as 1-2 days away, whether you’re sending to Hamburg, Hanover or Stuttgart.


You can choose from a wide variety of services for your delivery to Germany, ranging from express to economy and collections to drop-off services.


If you can’t wait in for a courier to come and collect your parcel, just choose a drop off service. It’s perfect if you have a busy day and want to drop it off at a time that suits you - there are thousands of drop-off points across the UK so it really is sending made simple.


Unlike when you send a parcel out of the EU, sending a parcel to Germany involves no extra paperwork so all you need to do is book the delivery, package your parcel and send it on its way.

Whether your cousin is working in Cologne or you have a package for a customer in Potsdam, you can book it now and have it delivered in just a few days. 

Get a European parcel delivery quote to Germany from My Parcel Delivery.

A better alternative to Royal Mail

Instead of racing to the post office before it closes and waiting in a queue with dozens of other frustrated customers, take a look at your options. With discounts of up to 82% on deliveries to Germany, you can save a packet and even have your parcel collected direct from your door.  

Parcel SizeRoyal MailMy Parcel DeliveryWhat You Save
5 KG Germany £53.82 £12.13 £41.69 77%
15 KG Germany £83.22 £14.75 £68.47 82%
25 KG Germany £95.22 £14.75 £80.47 85%

*Prices include VAT and are fully tracked. Prices correct as of 22/08/17

Don't just take our word for it

Here at My Parcel Delivery, we never rest on our laurels when delivering your parcels around the world, and we're exceptionally proud of our reputation for delivering great service to every customer. Don't just take our word for it – let our reviews, likes and stats speak for themselves! We have parcels sent across the world (including Germany) every single day.


Courier spot on time


Typical savings


Happy customers


That's a good idea


Be sure that you’ve spelt the address correctly, used the 5 digit Germany postcode, and included GERMANY in capitals on the last line. If the courier can’t find an address due to incorrect spelling, they may return the package and you'll be liable for the charge – we really wouldn’t want that!


Just in case the courier in Germany can’t find the delivery address, we need you to provide a local telephone number. This will help the courier call the recipient if they do get a little bit lost.


Items on the prohibited & restricted items list either can’t be sent or are sent on a no compensation basis. It’s always best to check the list before you book your parcel delivery.


Almost 95% of our deliveries go without a hitch. Unfortunately, there are some things like traffic, connections and accidents that we can’t control, especially with international deliveries. We always suggest that you send your parcel with a few days to spare just in case. 

Before you book your parcel delivery to Germany, make sure you’re happy with everything you need to know. If you have any more questions, our customer service team are more than happy to help. You can send them a message or chat online - they’re ready and waiting for you to get in touch.