Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, while brimming with beautiful people, customs and landscapes, is known primarily for its strict political reign, religious rule and an abundance of oil. It also happens that the political and economic relationship between the UK and Saudi Arabia is based largely on the oil the kingdom provides to the UK and the armed defences the UK provides to it.

Saudi Arabia is the UK’s largest trading partner in the Middle East. The UK is also the second largest foreign investor in Saudi Arabia and contains approximately 200 joint ventures, which are worth a total of £11.5 billion. Despite political disagreements, personal business and travel has increased significantly in recent years and an estimated 26,000 Britons are now living in the kingdom. Even more promising though, is the potential growth of UK businesses in major industries such as power, water, communications and transport and the increase in parcel couriers to Saudi Arabia.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Saudi Arabia

The benefit of trading with Saudi Arabia is the government’s massive investment in the infrastructure, transport and energy – which has made sending parcels exceptionally fast and cheap postage to Saudi Arabia possible. Whether you send a parcel to Saudi Arabia for business or pleasure, doing so is relatively easy.

That said, the post code system for parcel deliveries to Saudi Arabia are a little different to what we’re used to here in the UK. There are different codes for sending to houses and P.O. boxes. For home delivery, the first of nine digits represents the region; the second, the sector; the third, the branch; the fourth, the section; and the fifth, the block. The last four digits representing the region are followed by four digits that indicate the extended zip code. With PO Box delivery services in Saudi Arabia, the first two digits represent the postal zone, while the last three indicate the delivery point. A parcel sent to Riyadh begins with the number “1.”

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Courier costs to Saudi Arabia can be high if you don’t do your homework. That said, a little research will reveal that it’s not hard to find a cheap courier to Saudi Arabia. However, finding one that is professional, reliable and efficient takes some know-how. There are plenty of courier companies that service Saudi Arabia, however, some of the more popular ones include UPS and Parcelforce. The cheapest courier to Saudi Arabia is MPD International, with 2-day delivery rates as low as £35.51 using the MPD International Export service (prices correct as at 12/08/2015).  As with most other countries, there are restrictions on what can be sent by courier to Saudi Arabia, view the general restricted and prohibited items list and contact us for specific advice on your parcel.