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One of the smallest countries in the world, San Marino is surrounded by Italy and is the oldest surviving republic in the world. Despite having just 23.6 square miles of land, it is tourism that is critical to the economy and more than three million people descend on the micronation each year, mainly for the stunning views and skiing you can enjoy from the Unesco World Heritage site of Monte Titano in Città di San Marino. Although with the Alps closer to the UK, not many Brits make 785.5 mile trip here. Other key parts of the economic input include banking, fabrics, electronics, ceramics, tiles and agricultural products like wine and cheese, which have helped to increase searches for courier costs to San Marino as well as giving the country a large GDP per capita.

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Transport and Courier Routes in San Marino

There are nine different municipalities in the country and there is a settlement in each. The largest is the town of Dogana in the east, where a lot of the population live, but the City of San Marino is the capital of the country. The other settlements are Serravalle, Borgo Maggiore, Fiorentino, Acquaviva, Faetano, Poggio di Chiesanuova and Monte Giardino. Delivery services in San Marino are helped by the 5-digit postcode in the country, where the first 4-digits of 4789 represent San Marino and the final one represents the area. If you were sending something to Dogana, for example, you would use 47891. Being a small country, transport is limited but there are more than 100 miles of highways to connect the various settlements. The majority of people and goods arrive at Rimini airport in Italy. 

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Your best option for a cheap courier to San Marino comes in the form of the UPS International Express Saver. This 2-day service allows you tend send anything up to 270cm in length, 30kg in weight and 419cm in girth from £62.56 including VAT. When you use this method you get £15 inclusive cover and a fully tracked service that includes free SMS alerts along with notification emails. [Prices correct as of 03/09/2015]