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A chain of 32 idyllic islands in the Caribbean Sea represent Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. White sand beaches with swaying palm trees, glistening, azure waters with rich coral reef, stunning volcanic landscapes and relative exclusivity make the island nation the perfect tropical escape. The native Caribs fought off European settlement for years. Then, during the 18th century, the islands underwent multiple changes in power between the French and British. The nation finally gained independence from the UK in 1979. Although the precious land, known as the “Gem of the Antilles,” has long been a point of contention, today’s islands receive significantly less tourists than neighbouring countries. The nation’s economy does depend on a mix of agriculture, tourism, and construction as well as remittances. Additionally, most of its workforce is employed by the tourism and banana production industries. Of its 102,627 residents, almost a thousand are British. Constant contact to the UK through residents and government assistance has given way to well-established courier services to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. 

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Quiet and unpretentious, the islands welcome visitors with a laid-back atmosphere, unparalleled natural beauty and plenty of adventures. The island nation is closest to St. Lucia and Barbados. With a total of 389sqkm consisting of the main and largest island of Saint Vincent and the smaller islands in the north of the Grenadines. The capital of Kingstown, on Saint Vincent, has the largest population as well as the main airport and port. The islands are currently accessible by air through neighbouring gateways such as Puerto Rico and Barbados. A new international airport is under construction and will increase the nation’s ability to accommodate larger aircraft and transatlantic flights, and subsequently, faster parcel delivery to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Land travel is possible by way of paved roads. The country’s postal code consists of the letters VC followed by two numbers representing the region and then two indicating the post office.  

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The pristine, emerald islands embody everything about a tropical island in the Caribbean – stunning beaches, warm climate, serenity and an alluring Caribbean culture. The newly independent nation is balancing economic growth while maintaining its natural appeal and unparalleled beauty. The island nation’s close ties to the UK and Europe have given way to more developed and cheap courier to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. My Parcel Delivery offers cheap postage with the MPD International Drop-off service and maximum five-day delivery priced from  just £29.63 including VAT. The MPD International Export service includes parcel collection and a faster two day delivery from just £36.82 including VAT (all prices were correct on 24/8/15).