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Also known as St. Bart’s, Saint Barthelemy holds up to its reputation as a playground for the rich and famous. With sprawling, soft, white sand beaches, glistening turquoise waters, luxury resorts, megayachts and world-class dining, the French overseas collectivity does opulence and exclusivity extremely well. The Caribbean island was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and named after his brother Bartolomeo. The French settled in 1648, but then sold it to Sweden. In 1877, France re-purchased the island and, for years, it remained a part of Guadeloupe. Saint Barthelemy finally became its own overseas territory in 2003. And, despite a long time of Swedish rule, the island is quintessential French in language, culture and cuisine – some of which is the best in the Caribbean. Although the islands’ isolation and high cost of living prevents mass tourism, its economy is heavily dependent on high-end tourism and duty-free luxury commerce. The island also imports all of its food, energy resources and manufactured goods. However, with a constant influx of goods and travellers, there are well-established courier services to Saint Barthelemy. 

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While the volcanic island is small, its reputation is big. Saint Barthelemy is one of the most elite and expensive islands in the Caribbean. Nearby islands include St. Martin, St. Kitts. Puerto Rico and the Greater Antilles, however, with every need and desire within an arm’s reach, there’s really no need to leave the island. The pristine capital of Gustavia showcases gingerbread-style cottages, designer shops and is home to the main harbour. St. Jean, which is on the other end of the island features beach bars, colourful boutiques and the island’s airport. While many people travel by boat to the island, international flights arrive via the airport on St. Martin. The islands economy and reputation as a world-class destination – and subsequently, parcel delivery to Saint Barthelemy – rely heavily on its well-maintained transportation infrastructure, which includes roadways, waterways and ports. Mail delivery in Saint Barthelemy is efficient, as there is only one post office with two branches. 

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The picture-perfect French territory is like a piece of the French Riviera in the Caribbean with its spectacular scenery and knack for glitz and glamour. And, while Saint Barthelemy may be known for its high-profile holidaymakers and luxury services, the laid-back island is still accessible to all. Courier services to Saint Barthelemy are fast and reliable. Even if cost-effective service is not a concern, My Parcel Delivery often offers the cheapest courier to Saint Barthelemy. MPD’s International Drop-off service offers three to five day delivery from £29.63 including VAT. For those who don’t want to lift a single finger, parcel collection and two day delivery through MPD’s International Export service costs just £36.82 including VAT. [All prices were correct on 26/8/15]