Parcel Delivery and Courier Services in Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world, encompassing vast open spaces and nine different time zones. With so much land to cover, it may seem impossible to travel across the nation, let alone, send a parcel to businesses, friends and family. However, much of the country is shrouded in thick forest and tundra and subject to inclement weather, which means that it’s imperative to select courier services to Russia that can access the remote areas just as well as it can the major cities.

Russia’s rich natural resources, stunning architecture, deeply-rooted traditions and perplexing government, consistently make it a polarising place for visitors as the two nations continue to strengthen their relations. The year 2014 was identified as a Bilateral Russia-UK year which celebrated the two nations’ cultural heritages and the promotion of cultural exchange. The program, in addition to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, served as another significant step towards strengthening social and political ties and generating cross-cultural understanding. Find a parcel courier to Russia now with My Parcel Delivery.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Russia

Cold weather, icy roads and the infamous reckless drivers can make getting around Russia rather intimidating and difficult for tourists. However, drivers who know how to navigate the tricky conditions are ideal for providing reliable, safe and professional parcel delivery to Russia.

The nearly 17 million square kilometres of space make for a multitude of postcodes that are divided by the 85 federal subjects. When it comes to using a parcel courier to Russia, you need a code that consists of six digits, of which the first three identify its corresponding federal subject. For example, numbers 101-129 are reserved for Moscow, while 190-199 are for St. Petersburg. Wherever you’re sending a parcel, you can find a cheap courier service to Russia right here.

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Find cheap parcel delivery to Russia by comparing with MPD. You can find courier costs to Russia and one of the most popular is Parcelforce Global Priority. As one of the most trusted companies in the UK, Parcelforce is known for providing fast and reliable delivery services in Russia and throughout the world. A parcel can be sent for as little as £35.97+VAT (price correct as at 07/08/2015) – a price that is lower than what most other companies offer. Search for parcel delivery prices to Russia and get your item dispatched with a reliable courier to Russia.