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  • Printerless options are available
  • A variety of drop-off and collection services
  • Choose from some of the UK's most reliable couriers
  • Services available from £16.20 (£13.50 ex VAT)

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Parcel Delivery to France made simple

Getting your parcel delivered across the channel to France is easy. In just a few clicks you can have a courier at your door, sometimes even the very same day. To get a quote for your parcel delivery, just fill out your delivery details and choose the best service for you. Whether you need it there fast or are happy to let it take its time, there are plenty of delivery services for you to choose from for your delivery to France. 

With International airports including Paris, Nice and Lyon, as well as the Eurotunnel connecting the UK and France by road, we can offer delivery times as fast as 24 hours from door to door.

The icing on the cake...

You can book your parcel delivery to France and send it on its way within a few hours! From Marseille to Toulouse, to Lille, you can get it delivered fast when you need it delivered in a hurry.

Plenty of choice

Choose between economy and express, collection and drop-off. With a variety of services to France to choose from, you’re sure to find one that gives you exactly what you need.

Speedy Delivery

If you need your parcel to be delivered quickly, we have some faster options that include next day and 2-day services.

Drop It Off Or Have It Collected

If you’re busy at home or work and can’t get out and about, a courier can collect your parcel from whatever address you choose. But if you're running around, you can choose a drop-off service and get on with your day.

So, whether your parents have retired to Rennes or you have a customer in Chamonix, you can make a booking and have it delivered in no time at all.

Get a European parcel delivery quote to France from My Parcel Delivery today.

A better alternative to Royal Mail

Instead of racing to the post office before it closes and standing in line with dozens of others, simply choose another option. We’ve negotiated discounts of up to 81% on deliveries to France and you can even have your parcel collected directly from your door.

Parcel SizeRoyal MailMy Parcel DeliveryWhat You Save
5 KG France £53.82 £13.50 £40.32 75%
15 KG France £83.22 £16.38 £66.84 80%
25 KG France £95.22 £16.38 £78.84 83%

*Prices include VAT and are fully tracked. Prices correct as of 14/09/17

Don't just take our word for it

Here at My Parcel Delivery, we never rest on our laurels when delivering your parcels around the world, and we're exceptionally proud of our reputation for delivering great service to every customer. Don't just take our word for it – let our reviews, likes and stats speak for themselves! We have parcels sent to France every single day.


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That's a good idea


Double check that the address is spelled correctly. This is especially important with French characters, and accents as getting it wrong could change the meaning. If this happens, the courier may return the package and unfortunately, you'll be liable for the charge.


To help the courier in France delivering your parcel, please be sure to add a local contact number for the recipient on the parcel. This will help the courier call the recipient if they’re a little bit lost!


Unlike in the UK when couriers will try to deliver a few times, in France the delivery is only given one chance. If the recipient is out, the courier will leave the parcel at a Parcel Shop - it's best to check the recipient knows their closest parcel shop just in case.


There’s a rule that French couriers can only deliver to the registered occupants of a house. This means that if you’re sending to the guest of a house, or maybe somebody holidaying in France, you’ll need to address it to the registered owners of the address and arrange this beforehand. 


Before you book your parcel delivery, it’s best to check the prohibited & restricted items. France also has some extra restrictions on things like antiques but if you’re not sure, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


While all our couriers do their best to get your parcel delivered to France bang on time, there are some things they can’t control like traffic and missed connections. We’re very sorry if you experience a delay and recommend you send with a few days spare just in case.

One last thing before you book. If you’re not sure about anything, or just want to check a couple of points, get in touch with us. Our delivery experts in customer service are happy to help by message or online chat.