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Covering half of New Guinea, the second-largest island in the world, this Oceanian country has a mainly rural population and is one of the least explored nations on the planet. Reports suggest that there are more than 700 native tongues on the island and with little infrastructure it is well behind the modern day life in the UK. When it started to take advantage of the huge oil and natural gas reserves in 2011, Papua New Guinea was named the sixth fastest-growing economy in the world. Now this has settled down but the mineral deposits remain, and if transport can be improved then it will be a significant energy exporter. Prior to that, industry was made up of agriculture like coffee and cocoa as well as logging and financial aid from Australia. It takes more than a day to fly the 8,697 miles from the UK but tourism could be huge on the island. A diverse region, you can find unique flora and fauna in the mountain ranges and exotic animals through the jungle lowlands. In comparison to the dry Australian deserts, PNG is a wet, mountainous wonderland. With plenty of trade and tourism, you can easily find cheap postage to Papua New Guinea. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Papa New Guinea

The largest city of Port Moresby is also the capital and has a population of well over a quarter of a million people. That is only a small portion of the near 7.5 million total because 80% still live in rural villages or tribes. Notable locations include Lae, Arawa, Mt Hagen, Popondetta, Madang, Kokopo, Mendi, Kimbe and Goroka. Delivery services in Papua New Guinea use a 3-digit system, and if you’re sending something to Port Moresby you would use 121, Lae is 411 and Popondetta is 241. General infrastructure throughout the country is poor, and transport links are the same – this is, in part, due to the mountainous terrain of the country. The capital has the biggest airport, which features international flights, and the port but it isn’t connected to any major settlements by road. That said, there are around 20,000 kilometres of roadways on other parts of the country and parcel courier services are efficient.

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Get a quote now to find cheap courier costs to Papua New Guinea. Our most popular methods are the MPD International Drop-Off and MPD International Export services. With the former, you get the lowest price and from just £29.05 including VAT you can enjoy a 3-5 day service to the country using your local Hermes Parcelshop to drop off your parcel. Alternatively, you can get a quicker 2-day delivery, with UPS collection, using the MPD International Export service from £33.21 including VAT. Both of these options come with some inclusive cover as well as a fully tracked service with SMS alerts and notification emails.