Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Palau

Known as a premier snorkeling and diving destination, the island of Palau in the western Pacific Ocean is classed as part of Micronesia. The archipelago country is made up of 250 islands and they include a range of scenery from dense jungle to white beaches. Since becoming independent from the US in 1994, it has relied on foreign aid to help its economy and also sustainable tourism generally from Asia and Australia. Other industries include craft items, construction and garment making. Strong growth has been seen year on year and it is one of the wealthier states in the Pacific. Being some 7,552 miles from the UK, British tourists don’t often frequent it but there are still opportunities to find cheap parcel delivery to Palau for any purpose. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Palau

The capital of the archipelago is Ngerulmud and that is found on the largest island of Badeldaob. It isn’t the largest island, as that is the former capital of Koror on Oreor Island. Other notable settlements for delivery services in Palau include Kloulklubed, Ulimang, Mengellang, Angaur and Ngchesar Hamlet. Palau follows the postal system of the US and has a state code followed by five digits – PW96940 is used for every location. From the international airport you can get direct flights to some international destinations like Guam, Manila, Seoul, Taipei and Tokyo, whilst airports on Angaur and Peleliu are also used for goods and people. Malakai Harbour is a popular location for any sea freight and whilst there are no railways, the highways are mainly paved and connect a number of the settlements. Light aircraft and small sea transport is used to connect the islands. 

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