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Get cheap postage to Nigeria with My Parcel Delivery. Formerly a British colony, independence was achieved in 1960 but the country still has positive relations with the UK despite being some 4,000 miles away. Being more than 356,000 square miles in area and with the seventh highest population in the world (more than 177 million) Nigeria has become a middle-income economy. The emerging market has a varied economy, exporting petroleum, cocoa, processed foods and rubber, and is within the top 25 largest economies in the world in terms of GDP. As the country grows in rank, and takes advantage of oil, there are burgeoning industries as well as tourist destinations for culture and history, which makes parcel delivery prices to Nigeria competitive for whatever reason. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Nigeria

Comprising of 36 states, the capital of Nigeria is Abuja and the largest city by almost 10 million people is Lagos. Other big cities include Kano, Ibadan, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Aba, Ogbomosho, Maiduguri, Benin City and Zaria. However, regardless of where you’re sending your parcel, you can find a courier for your parcel delivery to Nigeria.

The country uses a six digit numeric system for postal codes with the Nigerian Postal Service. Each head office has a XX0001 code. The road network is currently being improved along with the railways and this means that you can get great courier services to Nigeria.

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Send a parcel to Nigeria easily by using the MPD online quote system. You can get a delivery to the West African country from £29.63 including VAT. This is with the MPD International Drop-Off service and works by using your local myHermes drop-off point. For the quickest delivery, get the 3-5 day MPD International Export service which comes in at £36.82 including VAT. Book your parcel delivery to Nigeria with us and enjoy added features that include notification emails, SMS and some inclusive cover. [All prices correct at 06/08/2015]