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One of the least-developed nations in the world, Niger is found on the edge of the Sahara and struggled with military rule for the first 50 years following independence from France in 1960. Rebel insurgency continues to threaten security in the country and despite having civilian rule now there is little education and the hugely important agricultural sector is frequently at the risk of drought. It may be the 22nd largest country in the world but it is around 1776th in terms of GDP thanks to fighting and mismanagement throughout. Despite this, the country has raw minerals like uranium as well as oil which give it hope for the future and international trade. The UK is a key import partner to the country and sends around $100 million worth of goods each year and this has led to the emergence of cheap postage to Niger. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Niger

An unstable country around 2,600 miles away, tourism from the UK isn’t common (or advised) and the majority of the country live in rural areas. The capital of Niamey has a much larger population than any other town or city with around 5% of the nearly 18 million population living there. Other notable places include Zinder, Maradi, Agadez, Alaghsas, Tahoua, Dosso, Birni N Konni and Tessaoua. The country uses a postal code, so if you take advantage of delivery services in Niger, you will need to use the correct 4-digit code for your destination – Niamey, for example, is 8001. Uninhabited deserts separate the majority of the cities in the landlocked country and the poor nation doesn’t have a great transport infrastructure. There are no railways but two international airports are the main entrance point for goods. There is a large highway system but most of that needs major improvements.

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Find the best way to send a parcel to Niger quickly and easily by running a quote to compare our services. The cheapest option comes in the form of the MPD International Drop-Off where you get a 3-5 day service, with a drop off at your local Hermes, from as little as £29.05 including VAT. A quicker delivery can be obtained by using the MPD International Export service, and here you get a 2-day service, with UPS collection, from £33.21 including VAT. Both options come with £15 inclusive cover and are fully tracked services with SMS alerts and notification emails. [Prices correct as of 10/09/2015]