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A lost paradise, Nauru was once called Pleasant Island and is the smallest island nation in the world with a population of around 10,000 people. Found in Micronesia, this Central Pacific area was once one of the richest places in the world as it made money off fertiliser and the phosphate deposits that it was blessed with. Now, however, times are tough for Nauruans, deliveries are rare, employment is scarce and aid keeps the economy afloat. This all means that finding cheap postage to Nauru can be difficult but importing to the country is necessary to sustain its people. To fight against this, the government of Nauru is developing offshore banking and tourism for a more prosperous future but that’s aimed primarily at the Australian market, with the UK some 8,829 miles away. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Nauru

The oval shaped, 8.1 square mile island is just 26 miles from the equator and the de facto capital is the southern district of Yaren. The largest city on the island is Arijejen and other notable locations include Baiti, Anabar, Uaboe and Ijuw. With one international airport, it receives frequent flights from neighbouring Australia, Marshall Islands, Fiji and Kiribati and this is how a parcel courier to Nauru would send your item from the UK. On the island itself, there is a railway but it is only used for trade and while the roads aren’t to the highest standard, they ensure that the country is connected. Addresses in Nauru don’t use a postcode. 

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