Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Morocco

One of Africa’s most diverse countries, a trip to Morocco gives you the chance to see ancient cities, sweeping desert and beautiful coastline. A popular tourist destination, at less than a four-hour flight from London, you can enjoy traditional life and exhilarating activities here. It isn’t just tourism that makes parcel delivery to Morocco important, though, as they import some $40 billion worth of goods to the country each year. With a high quality of life and the most competitive economy in North Africa, Morocco is a major world player. With tourism growing and investment rising, the options for parcel delivery to Morocco continue to increase. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Morocco

The two biggest cities are the capital of Casablanca with more than 3.1 million inhabitants and Rabat with over 1.65 million. Other popular destinations for a cheap courier to Morocco are Fes, Salé, Marrakesh, Agadir, Tangier, Meknes, Oujda and Al Hoceima. Having such a vast area means that transport links need to be reliable and they are in Morocco. The country has more than 35,000 miles of roads a high-speed rail links. This investment in infrastructure means that moving around the country is easy and this makes parcel delivery services in Morocco quick and efficient. The postal codes use a five-digit system where the first two numbers correspond to the area with the final three focused on the district. Casablanca, for example, uses 20 000. 

Compare parcel delivery services to Morocco

You can find the cheapest courier to Morocco by getting a quote with My Parcel Delivery now. If you’re sending a large parcel, up to 150cm length and 30kg weight, then use the MPD International Export which has a starting price of £36.82 and it will arrive there within 3-5 days. For a cheaper postage to Morocco, take a look at the MPD International Drop-Off for a delivery within a week at the price of just £29.63. These both come with features such as inclusive cover as well as a fully tracked service. [Prices correct as of 13/08/2015]