Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Monaco

The glitzy principality of Monaco is the second-smallest country in the world at just 0.78 square miles but is an enticing place that attracts visitors from around the globe. With a coastline lapped by the Mediterranean and known for the luxurious Monte Carlo area, it is a gorgeous state that is just a two-hour flight – and 891 miles – away from the UK. Thanks to the tax benefits you can get here, individuals and businesses have made the move and you can easily get cost-effective parcel delivery to Monaco for tourism and trade purposes. In terms of standard GDP, the country is actually the sixth largest economy in the world based on the output per resident (of which it has less than 40,000) and it is this strength that has pushed the area to find the cheapest couriers to Monaco.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Monaco

Found in the south of France, the sovereign state is easily accessible with superb road and rail networks around the French Riviera which make it easy to send a parcel to Monaco. Areas for sending items include Monaco-Ville, Monte-Carlo, La Condamine and Fontvielle. In order to ensure that you reach the correct destination with your courier services to Monaco, it is important to remember that all postcodes should be prefixed with “MC” with five digits that begin with a 9 – for example, MC 94000 Monaco.

Compare parcel delivery services to Monaco

To get cheap postage to Monaco, all you need to do is use the My Parcel Delivery online delivery quote finder. Enter your parcel details and in a few clicks you can  find the best options for sending your item to the principality. The MPD International Drop-Off method is the cheapest at £22.73 including VAT and your parcel will be delivered within seven days following a drop-off at your local Hermes parcelshop. An alternative is the MPD International Export that, at £29.92 including VAT, offers a 2-day service that includes a UPS collection. Prices differ by weight and size; you can book this service for parcels up to 150cm length and 30 kg weight. These delivery services in Monaco include some inclusive cover and a fully tracked service with notification SMS alerts and emails. [Prices correct as of 13/08/2015]