Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Mexico

Whether soaking up the sun on the white sand shores of Puerto Vallarta, partying the night away in the vibrant city of Cancun or exploring the rich cultural heritage in Mexico city, Mexico has long been a popular holiday destination for UK nationals. The almost 425,000 Britons that travel to Mexico each year aren’t the only connection that the two countries have. 2015 has also been designated by officials as the Year of the UK in Mexico and The Year of Mexico in the UK, as a way to promote cultural understanding and to strengthen economic and political ties. It also creates a great excuse to send a parcel to Mexico.

The rise in tourism has prompted a significant increase in expat and foreign-run businesses. Since the free trade agreement was enacted in 1997, trade between the two nations has increased drastically, with top British exports including alcohol and medicine. Yet production and courier costs to Mexico can run high, so it’s beneficial to shop around to find cheap postage to Mexico. With more friends and loved ones calling the country known as the “City of the Sun” home, and more international businesses to boot, it’s important to have fast and reliable parcel delivery services to Mexico.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Mexico

Sending parcels to Mexico is fastest by air. The country is very large, so delivery services in Mexico are quickest and most convenient by air too. Much of the country’s railway transportation has been discontinued however many of the roads are easy to navigate. Mexico’s plans between 2015 and 2018 are to drastically improve the country’s infrastructure and hopefully allow for cheaper courier services to Mexico. Fortunately, experienced courier drivers who are familiar with the areas can easily access the more remote locales.

Similar to the United States postal code system, Mexico utilises a five-digit code. The first two digits represent the state. For example, codes beginning with “0” or “1” refer to Mexico City. All of the other postcodes are assigned according in alphabetical order.

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Despite there being over 5,000 miles distance between the UK and Mexico, parcel delivery is relatively quick and easy, especially with multiple courier services available. Some of the most popular companies are UPS and MPD International. With the cheapest courier to Mexico, parcels can be sent for as little as £39.22.