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Enjoy cheap postage to Malta by using My Parcel Delivery. The small Mediterranean archipelago nation of Malta is known for its incredible remains of prehistoric temples, fossil-rich cliffs, mesmerising fortresses and thrilling outdoor adventures including scuba diving and climbing. Malta was a British territory until 1964, but it’s the island’s rich history and prominent succession of rulers that have contributed to its mystique making it a popular holiday destination. And with so many now travelling between the UK and Malta, there’s now a big market for cheap courier services to Malta.

Nearly 454,000 UK nationals visit Malta every single year, and the increase in tourism and extended stays is helping the country’s economy – as well as the market for parcel delivery services to Malta – grow. The financial services also assist in bolstering the economy and driving up the need to for parcel delivery to Malta from the UK and vice versa. Furthermore, the small collection of islands relies on nearly 80% of imports, which means that courier services to Malta are reliable and affordable.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Malta

Malta, the largest and most populated of the three islands, is roughly 316 square Kilometres and has a population of approximately 421,000 – making it one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world. Unlike many island nations, Malta has a well-developed infrastructure system and is easily accessed by plane, train and ferry making it nice and simple to send a parcel to Malta.

When looking for parcel delivery prices to Malta, it’s important to understand the postal code system. Codes consist of three letters and four digits. The three letters represent the area and for ease are often an abreviation. For example, a postcode for Valletta would be VLT and Mdina is MDN. Once you have this, you’re all set to find parcel delivery service to Malta.

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Courier services to Malta are made easy by courier companies such as Parcelforce and MPD International who offer safe and reliable delivery services. They will deliver parcels, fast, unharmed and for a fraction of the price offered by competitors. What’s more, the MPD International Drop-off service can offer a parcel courier to Malta service for as little as £22.73 +VAT within three to five days. Compare courier costs to Malta now to find exactly what you need. [Prices correct on 10/08/2015]