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With flight times to the Latvian capital city, Riga, less than three hours from London, and at a distance of just over 1,000 miles, you can easily send a parcel to Latvia. One of the Baltic states, and found in Northern Europe, it is a small country of around 2 million people that was once occupied by the Soviet Union before independence was recognised in 1991. Sat neatly between Estonia and Lithuania, it is a colourful if understated country that isn’t a tourist hub. Economically, it is known for food products, wood and metals. Whether you have some business with a growing firm or need to send a gift to a friend, find the cheapest courier to Latvia here.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Latvia

The largest city, by some distance, in Latvia is Riga with a population of 740,000. Other areas of note include Daugavpils, Vec-Liepãja, Liepãja and Jelgava. The infrastructure of the country is good with safe highways and a reliable, state-owned railway thanks to the growth of the economy, which makes delivery services in Latvia much easier.

All postcodes within the country begin with LV and are followed by four-digits that looks like LV-XXXX – one of Riga’s, for example, is LV-1001.

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