Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Kuwait

The city-state of Kuwait is an oasis of a land for those in the Arab world as it offers the ocean and the promise of work. Like most countries in the area, it relies primarily on oil excavation and outside of the capital there is very little by way of attractions for tourists making the six-hour flight over. While it is small, the country is rich but hostility between government and parliament has held the economy back recently. Petrol accounts for 95% of the more than $115 billion of exports sent out of Kuwait each year and the country hopes to diversify at some point. With almost 10% of all the oil on earth, it is a hotbed for trade and expats (almost half of the population are expats) who go out there to enjoy the high-income economy. This has all worked to improve parcel delivery to Kuwait. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Kuwait

The largest city, and main hub, in the country is the capital of Kuwait City. With a population in the region of 2.1 million, it is densely populated and other areas for delivery services in Kuwait include Al Ahmadi, Hawalli, As Sālimïyah, Sabāh as Sālim and Al Farwānïyah. Being such a rich country, the road transport system is well developed – although it has one of the highest accident death rates in the world – and although there is no railway finding an effective parcel courier in Kuwait is fairly simple. Kuwait uses a five-digit postcode system with Sabah, for example, being 44000, 44001 etc. 

Compare parcel delivery services to Kuwait

Discover courier services to Kuwait by running a quote with us now and choose services from MPD or Parcelforce for your carrier. The quickest option is the MPD International Export service which offers a UPS collection with the 3-5 day service for a starting price of £35.51 including VAT. The maximum size and weights for this service are  up to 150cm in length and 30kg. For a longer item, check out Parcelforce Global Priority which has a more generous allowance of up to 250cm length for a 5+ day parcel delivery service with inclusive cover and a fully tracked service. [Prices correct as of 13/08/2015]