Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Kenya

Kenya is known for its beautiful landscape with vast open spaces, majestic animals, orange-filled sunset skies and glistening turquoise waters. It‘s also the go-to destination for safaris and outdoor adventures. For years, Kenya’s tourism has remained the primary source of foreign revenue – with approximately 36,000 visits coming from the UK every year. However, the East African country is also an emerging destination for expats and foreign businesses – which is a welcomed addition that has contributed to fast and reliable courier services to Kenya.

A number of UK companies have long been established in the nation and more are being lured in. The strong ties between the two nations, since Kenya’s independence in 1963, have helped foster bilateral trade and business. The UK is the largest foreign investor in Kenya and the fifth largest exporter of goods, with trade exceeding £1 billion. The two also have shared interests in many areas including investments, tourism, defence and security, climate change and trade, and it’s the prevalence of trade that has expanded the number of courier services to Kenya.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Kenya

Kenya has a population of more than 44 million and has the sixth largest economy in Sub Saharan Africa. The country also serves as a regional hub for trade and finance in Eastern Africa, as its geographical location positions it as the natural entry point to the region. Neighbouring countries include Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania.

Travel and parcel delivery to Kenya is made possible by air, railway and sea. Within the country there is an extensive railway and roadway system. However, major improvements to the railway system are underway to eliminate traffic on Kenya’s roads. The two major routes include an old line between Mombasa and Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and the second is a new one between Mombasa and Nairobi. Additional improvements to seaports, airports and roads will also promote the success of Kenya’s economic growth and cheap postage to Kenya. Post codes consists of five digits with the first representing the region; the next two, the distribution centre; and the last two, the delivery office.

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While Kenya’s pristine wilderness is and always will be the main attraction, foreign businesses are recognising its potential for economic growth. With more companies establishing roots in the nation and a major transformation of the country’s transport infrastructure, it will be much easier to send a parcel to Kenya and to do so cheaply. MPD International and Parcelforce are among the most competitive courier companies, offering low prices and inclusive services such as email notifications, compensation cover and tracking. With MPD’s International Export service, a parcel collection and 2-day delivery service from Heathrow via UPS costs £36.82 including VAT. A drop-off service with 3-5 day delivery is also available for even less with MPD International Drop-Off for only £29.63. [Prices correct as of 13/08/2015]