Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Jordan

Jordan and the UK have had a close relationship since it was a British protectorate after World War I. The small country has limited natural resources and this combined with the region’s instability means the economy is minor but growing. Being between Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iraq it has been pivotal with the Middle East power struggle. Still an emerging economy, it grows at 7% every year and exports clothing, pharmaceuticals, potash, phosphates and fertilisers mainly but has a developed banking sector that brings in investment from around the world. With the growth of the country, demand for cheap parcel delivery to Jordan is growing and the ancient allure of Petra, just five hours from London, means it is very popular for tourism. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Jordan

The capital of Amman is home to almost 1.3 million people and other large cities for delivery services in Jordan include Zarga, Irbid, Russeifa, Wadi Al Seer and Adjlun. The roads and airports are well developed to ensure that the transportation system in the country works well. This helps to ensure that courier costs to Jordan can be kept down, and there are plans to improve the railway links. When you send a parcel, you need to ensure that the postcode is noted correctly, and it they use a five digit system. To send something to Amman Central, for example, you would use the code 11110.

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With the quote feature from My Parcel Delivery you can easily find the cheapest courier to Jordan. A popular option is the MPD International Drop-Off option that comes in at £28.32 including VAT and will have your item delivered in just over a week. The quickest parcel delivery to Jordan comes from MPD International Export, which will reach the destination in 5 days for £35.51 including VAT. If you need extra length for your package, then Parcelforce Global Priority at £47.39 including VAT gives you up to 250cm with a 5+ day service.