Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Honduras

Branded with a bad reputation, this Central American country is one of the least stable in the region and known for corruption, military rule and a wealth gap that has made crime prominent. Bordered by Guatemala and Nicaragua, Honduras has a society that struggles with inequality and malnutrition due to its lack of resources and tiny domestic market. It is the second biggest coffee producer in Central America and that accounts for around a fifth of its entire exports next to apparel, shrimp, cigars, bananas, gold and palm oil. This means that trade with the country is in excess of $8 billion and almost a quarter comes to the European Union so demand for cheap postage to Honduras continues to grow. Due to the negative connotations that come with Honduras, not many people make the 5,231 mile trip from the UK but with magical Mayan ruins, jungle reserves and the spectacular Bay Islands, it is well-equipped to compete with more illustrious neighbours. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Honduras

The city of Tegucigalpa is found in central Honduras and has been the capital since 1880. Home to the best part of a 900,000 inhabitants, it has the highest portion of the country’s more than eight million population. Comayagua is its sister city and sits across the Choluteca River. Other notable cities include San Pedro Sula, Choloma, La Ceiba, El Progreso, Ciudad Choluteca and Puerto Cortez. When using delivery services in Honduras, you have to use the 6-character postcode of the country. This is two letters followed by four digits, and if you were sending something to Comayagua, you would use CM1102. With a number of ports and harbours as well as more than 100 airports, it is easy to send a parcel to Honduras. Once inside the country, the railway and highways allow connections between major cities. 

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The easiest way to find courier costs to Honduras is by entering your parcel details and getting a quote using My Parcel Delivery’s comparison tool. For a quick, 2-day service to Honduras, you can look at the MPD International Export option where you get a UPS collection for speedy delivery at £36.82 including VAT. Alternatively, save money by using the MPD International Drop-Off service from £29.63 including VAT, where you can drop your package at a local Hermes for a 3-5 day delivery to your destination in Honduras. [Prices correct as of 03/09/2015]